Friday, November 16, 2012

My Globe My Rewards!

I recently received the reward given to me by Globe Telecoms by just loading and using their services. What I got was a free 16GB USB delivered right infront of my doorstep.

Mechanics of earning points to get rewards :

You just have to simply load up  and gather points to get free items from the telecom company. There are a lot of options for you to choose from if you will earn enough points to claim them. For my reward, I have exchaged 1175 points and by merely registering and entering my address, the item was delivered within the week, easy, right?

You can check out My Rewards My Globe for the available items and corresponding points.

You ca use the following commands and send it to 4438:
BAL - to check your points
ITEMS - to check catalog 1
ITEMS2 - to check catalog 2
ITEMS3 - to check catalog 3
ITEMS4 - to check catalog 4

Here's what i got!

Small and handy... it helps to get perks like this. Reminds me of the small but important things in life... Hope you get yours too and what's best about this is that you can send it as a gift, you can have it delivered to them or claim offers from Globe Telecom that you can send straight to your friend's number! Beat that! LOL!

Check out their site for some other cool rewards. Let's all keep earning those points and exchange it for other cool items in their catalog, the bigger the points, the better items you can claim.

Thank you Globe! =)

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