Friday, March 7, 2014

Matang Isda (Fish Eye) - Foot Infection

I had the rare opportunity of meeting an infection that affects lower extremities specifically the feet. Our feet, having a very thin skin can easily be penetrated by some bacteria. I have encountered a skin disease that was so aggressive that it can spread from one part of the foot to another, in just a day.

I have observed in a home for the aged how this infection behaved from the first day onward. The elders at the home calls it "Matang Isda (fish eye)" because of the presentation of the wound which appears like fish eye. It kindda started off like a pimple spot on one of the toes and after it has erupted, it immediately oozed out pus. There was pus all over the wound as shown in the picture below.

First day was still okay because there were no apparent symptoms apart  from the lesion itself but as the day progress, there seems to be a buildup of pus around the wound. What's even more disturbing is that within the same day another pimple-like lesion again showed up until by end of the day there were already 3 grown cuts.

Upon the appearance of the 2nd wound, there was also an associated presence of foot swelling that was gradually progressing. At the end of the day, the swelling has already spread in the entire foot.

2nd day was a lot worse because the swelling of the foot was already above the ankle joint. And as shown below, the lesion has fully erupted.


From the onset of the infection according to the doctor, an antibiotic has to be administered to stop the spread of the bacteria. Typically what they prescribe for wound such as this is Cefalexin to be taken 3 times a day (it is still best if you will consult with your doctor). Also to be given is a topical agent such as Bactroban after cleaning the wound (make sure to have it super clean according to the doctor), again to be applied based on your doctor's advice.

This infection lasts for days depending on how early the intervention can be given. They say this is very painful as well. So aside from the face, we have to focus also on taking care of our feet as infections such as this is just around the corner... =)


  1. I just wanna share a cure for this so-called matang isda. I had this a few months ago and researched on no to cure it. I tried burning it with the tip of a cigarette to no avail. I then tried using salicylic acid. Again, nothing. Then I heard of the different wonders a Aczvor Apple cider vinegar and tried it. In only 4 days i noticed its healing. After a bath get a iece of cotton and wet it with ACV. Rub gently. And at night before going to bed, wash affected area, get a piece of cotton wet eith ACVm leave it on overnight. I have been using it for a week now and the fish eye is almost gone. Thought id share this. You got nothing to lose.

    1. experiencing it as of now. I just wanna ask if the ACV still works if the feet is already swollen and had "nana"

    2. Hi Sis,
      Sorry to hear about your feet. They said it's really painful. What I can offer since I haven't tried ACV (haven't had Matang isda before) is for you to go to your local GP and ask for medication as the people whom I spoke with regarding this case said that the doctors can give you medication that can combat swelling and spread of lesion. Hope you get well soon.


    3. Ahm. how to use cigarettes in ( matang isda) . is there have a tip/guide ... huhu.

    4. Hi effective po ba apple cider para sa matang isda?

  2. Where can you buy that ACVm?

  3. I'm also experiencing that ryt now and my foot is already swollen but I cleaned it with h2o peroxide and used BL cream as medication. It really works well.

  4. mron din po aq saan po aq mgppa gamot my alm po b kyo?

  5. Pano po gamutan sa matang isda??


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