Friday, October 12, 2012

Jhayzelle Anne Margarette!

Kenn has had beautiful childhood memories because he has shared most of his early days with his favorite cousin Ate Jamjam... Jhayzelle was 1 when Kenn was born so there was almost no age gap between them. We have had a lot of good memories with this very, very nice girl who will soon be turning 8 this November and as a glimpse of the past, here are some of the pictures she has left with us since we moved to the new house...

I can still remember the night before  my sister-in-law gave birth, I was in a state of panic calling out to everyone because her bag of water broke. And before she was taken to the hospital, I was able to give her a Rosary that she took with her. And I can still remember when she told me that she pleaded to the nurse not to get the rosary away from her  because I gave it to her. =) sweet...

When Jhayzelle was born, everyone in the family was so happy and she was the family's first baby...

She was a year old when this was taken...

Her name was actually suggested by the whole family... Jhayzelle was suggested by our youngest brother, Anne Margareth was from big bro and sis in law and as for me... well I suggested for them to add it all up, I remembered that we were debating about the name During a dinner.

So we all ended up with Jhayzelle Anne Margarette! short for Jam... =)

Jhayzelle at 2 and Kenn almost 1 year old.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daddy's Trip to Daranak Falls!

After Daddy's trip to Antiplo, they (him and the rest of the goup SGRG) went straight to Daranak Falls, a place that I haven't seen yet but if you guys want to check it out, here are a few of hte pictures that were taken.

Daranak falls came from the phrase “Dadanak ang dugo” its directly translated “the spilling of blood” It is located at Bgy. Tandang Kutyo in the town of Tanay.

This is favorite location shooting area of most local and international movies and advertising outfits in the country

As per Daddy Jon, it took him about an hour to put this together.. LOLz

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daddy's Trip to Antipolo!

It is said that Antipolo Church is the "Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines"

Antipolo is in the northern half of Rizal Province
It is found on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Much of the city sits on a plateau averaging 150 meters.

Last September 30, Daddy Jon had the opportunity to join his co-riders (SGRG - Southern Gentlemen Riders Group) to a trip going to Antipolo Church... It was one of his long trips with his motorcycle and he wanted me to share some of their pictures with you guys...

These were the pictures taken during the blessing of the motorcycles...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mom @ 68!

We have just celebrated my Nanay's 68th birthday yesterday. We went out for a dinner at NorthPark SM Muntinlupa and ate our hearts out. Just wanted to share with you guys some of the Family pictures that were taken...

Here is Kenn, Mei-mei and Ate Jhayzelle... Cousins by blood and by kakulitan!


Here is Super Kulit and cute Mei-mei!

Well, she's actually insisting on more pictures of her!

First picture taken that we have them all in complete attendance! =D sweet!

So therefore, this is the 2nd! LOLz

My big bro and his super nice wifey Ate Ibeth with of course the birthday oooops the lil' girl who wants more pictures of her! =D

 Our Family : My brother Noel, Sis in law Ibeth beside him, Avy, Jhayzelle and Nanay opposite my bro then me and Daddy at the back with Kenn and Enzo.

The little nugget fell asleep in the car so we had to take him inside the restaurant in a carrier... =D and when he finally woke up (cause Nanay keeps calling his name and was acting like she's not shouting it... LOLz) he was all grumpy!

Hmmm... small, tall, taller, tallest.. nice! =D 

oh I think Enzo's really not (yet) in the mood for pictures... 

That's US...Happy Birthday Nanay! We love you! More Birthdays to come!!! =)