Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Workless But Not Worthless

My new motto:

"Workless but not Worthless"

I said my goodbye to the company that I have worked for the past years. I so loved that company and was really sad to know that they're letting go of the entire IT Department. Well, business will be business and for the "business" they had to make the decision. Was probably the hardest but then again we had the most impact.

Have made a lot of friends along the way and I know that as long as we treasure the memories that we spent during our stay in the company, I'm pretty sure we'll all go a long way.

To all, I will miss you guys... Hope we can be colleagues again... You may not be able to read this post but know that I will always treasure the times we had together... Will be missing all of you...

And this I realized...