Sunday, September 2, 2012

Planning and Execution: Enzo's 1st Birthday Party!

It's almost time for the party... As a mom, I am even more nervous and excited for the big day... After all the preparations and what have you, we are almost there, just a few more days and we'll be off to the jungle.

Planning the party was the easy part, execution is the complicated one.

For the Invitation, I personally picked this one as it is so cute... fit for a baby. Theme that we picked is a Jungle/Safari theme.

The Invitation

The "Thank You" Card

Venue was suggested by Enzo's Ninang M. We have originally planned on holding the party at Mc Donalds but as I was scouting for other venues, I found out that Shakeys has been offering buffet style for their Monster deal which is popular among many of the bloggers. So I went to Shakeys to try out what they can offer me.

I didn't expect the booking of the venue will be so difficult. The day when I went to Shakeys to inquire they were so warm and accommodating and we agreed on what seem to be a smooth booking, not knowing that the problem will surface out 1 week before the party, turns out, the original time of the party was already taken. the person who took my request was not able to plot it in their calendar! Good thing the people who booked it after me did not send their confirmation so I was able to reserve it. The person who's helped me resolve the booking issue was their marketing staff and I was pretty satisfied with the time that they have alloted for the party and they were able to answer all my questions and we have made some compromises to trim fit the venue with the Jungle theme that we have. They have agreed with me putting up a Candy Corner and setting the place up to make it more like a Jungle. So, right then and there, we paid to book the event with them. And guess what, I get to have a free giant pizza cause the food bill went above 16,000php. I thought I got a pretty good deal.

Here are the inclusions in the Monster Deal.

So there, it's final, it will be a Shakeys Jungle Party for Enzo!

So now that we already have a venue for the party, next step is to plan the party itself starting from the celebrant's costume. It actually took me 2 weeks to find a jungle costume. Kindda sad cause I was aiming for a lion costume which was way too costly, so I'd have to settle with something that will look nice and is affordable.
I ordered a costume at and is looking forward to getting the item in the next days. Let's keep it a surprise until the big day! :)

We didn't actually get suppliers cause Shakey's has their own, expensive though. For balloons, we will settle with what they will provide. On my part, me and my husband went to Divisoria to look for things that can make the venue like a jungle.

What we bought in Divisoria

1. Chinese Bamboos (50 pcs) @ 7php each
2. Kids items @ 100 per dozen
3. Giant Pens (for prizes) @ 10 each
4. Character fans (for girls) @ 100 per dozen
5. Plastic Plants for the venue @ 50 per set
6. Tarpauline @ 650php (forgot the size but you can check out the party pictures to see =)
7. plastic pots @ 20php each
8. Feathers for the trees that Daddy Jon will be providing for the center piece
9. Plastic leaves for the setup @ 60php/set

I believe we still have to pick up some more items before the party. I want to make the party fun while also considering my resources.

The Menu

We picked Shakey's because they offer a lot of options for you to choose from:

Monster Deal @ 2,025php (for dine in and parties)

                        @ 1,9++php for delivery (no inclusion for service charge)

For this party we ordered 8 initially because they advised that they will be able to serve if in case we'll be adding more.

Party Amenities:    3,999php

30          (in house/themed) invitations
30          party hats
30          loot bags (which i highly recommend as it                  
              includes so many things that kids can use)
30          Party prices (assorted but worth it!)
30          Name tags
30          Balloons
30          Head gear
30          Activity placemats
Happy Birthday banner ( which we opted out because I paired ours with the theme...)
Thank you card with free item

For additionals:

990 php for Mascots

Just incase you are intrested with the packages that Shakey's is offering, here are a few details:

Package A: P145/head
• 1-pc. Chicken n’ Rice
• Ice cream
• 12 oz. iced tea

Package B: P170/head
• 1-pc. Chicken 
• Spaghetti
• Garlic bread
• Ice cream
• 12 oz. iced tea

Package C: P160/head
• 1-pc. Chicken 
• Spaghetti
• Garlic bread
• 1 slice pizza
• 2 pieces Mojos
• 12 oz. iced tea

Package D: P215/head
• 1-pc. Chicken
• Spaghetti
• Salad
• 2 slices of pizza
• 2 pieces Mojos
• Soup
• 12 oz. iced tea

*for clowns and other party needs (baloons, backdrops, face paintings, etc) you can coordinate with the store manager for details and charges as they are affiliated with Leny's Party needs.

Here are some of the supplier's Details:

Leny's Party needs

Package A                     P 4,350.00
2 Clowns with 30 pcs. Baloon Twisting
Party Host, Games and Magic Tricks
Bubble Machine
Free Popper Balloon w/out toys

Package B                    P  5,600.00

2 Clowns with 30 pcs. Balloon Twisting
Party Host, Games and Magic Tricks
Face Painting (Unlimited Kids and Adults)
Free Popper Balloon w/out toys

Package C                    P  6,650.00

2 Clowns with 30 pcs. Balloon Twisting
Party Host, Games and Magic Tricks
Face Painting (Unlimited Kids and Adults)
Bubble Machine
Free Popper Balloon w/out toys

Pricelist per Individual

P  3,250.00
2 Clowns with 30 pcs. Balloon Twisting       
Party Host, Games and Magic Tricks

P  3,250.00
Face Painting (Unlimited Kids and Adults)   

P    2,200.00
Bubble Machine

P    850.00
Balloon with toys

P    650.00
Popper Balloon w/out toys   

P    850.00       
Personalized Tarpauline  3x5                     

**Prices subject to change**
 please get in touch with supplier at 

More updates as we continue with the preps... :)

You can check out the party details by clicking HERE!
Enjoy! =)

Kenn's 7th Birthday

I would like to share with you some of the pictures that were taken during Kenn's 7th Birthday! He chose to have a pirate theme and so I have scouted and asked around on how I can get a good costume that is affordable. Good thing I have a friend who introduced me to someone who can create good costumes!

The Invitation

The Venue

Venue was held in Grefaldo Pavillion, a place that can accommodate more than 200 people which is good for big gatherings such as birthdays. And by the way, this was also the same place that we rented when Kenn was baptized. ;)

Here is Kenn with his good friend Kendrae... both in their pirate costumes...

I made the hair out of yarn, i bought couple of yarns brown and black and made a braid out of those yarns. Pretty clever but sweet, it really looked nice on the event day! I have requested the person who made the costume to put together the pieces of braid that I made and what he did was attached the braid to a hanky and Voila!

For this event I got Mom C's clowns which was really worth it! Everyone enjoyed their show and games, especially the kids.

It was also neat cause some, if not all, actually wore a pirate costume.

Enzo with cousins Poul and Bhea, Enzo was almost 3 months during the event....

Meeting my Family...

I have been meaning to devote a page for you guys to meet my family... I am a mom of 2 one age 7 and the other one about to turn one...

This is my first born Ruben Kenneth Cruz, Kenn for short, at 7, he is already in the 3rd grade. Typical kid who's have so many things in mind, never runs out of question...

The picture above was taken late last year before Christmas... and the picture below was taken last Summer when he joined Mc Donald's Summer Camp 2012.

This boy is ever energetic and I am so thankful that he loves his baby brother Enzo so much... 

This picture below is my youngest, about to turn 1 this September... He Is Enzo, short for Rafael Lorenzo Cruz. He was born September 16, 2011. The picture below was taken last April... I so love those 2 front teeth...

Currently, we are preparing for yet another big event in our family... Enzo will be turning 1 soon. Amidst the pressure is an opportunity for the family to bond together.
I will be posting more of the preparation for this big day! :)

Now here is my better half... while trying on a pair of glasses! LOL!

So there you go, that is my family... my life... :)