Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our Boracay Escapade 2017

Our Boracay Escapade 2017

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in a while which left me a bit excited in sharing with all of you our most recent escapade. I had a wonderful time with my family as we ventured and explored Boracay. This was during my birthday week, glad to have the approval of my boss to work from home before we left.

Since I have not tried a flight from Clark Field Pampanaga to Kalibo, we had to take the route. So first off, from Laguna (we came from my mother’s house, since I got her yes to come with my family =D) to Clark was a 4 hour drive and we rented a van, rental fee: 3000php.

Ouch sorry, didn't get to check first the settings of my cameruh... That's me, my Motherbells (always looking so dashing as ever!) and Daddy Jon =)... 

Here are some of the pictures taken during our trip... Oh and by the way, terminal fee is at 150php. =)

So, it was an hour flight from Clark to Kalibo and from the latter we had to take another van ride to get to Caticlan Jetty Port to board a boat going to the island. Van rental: 1,500php, boat fare 25php, environmental fee 75php (ages 5 and below are free), terminal fee (again) 100php.

This is what will greet you upon arriving at Kalibo, of course my mom won't miss a picture with it! =D. And then beside it, you will find a desk where you can find assistance that you will need for the rest of your travel going to Caticlan. They have basic services like taxis and vans with an all-in fee including terminal, environmental and boat fare, depends on what you want to avail.

Welcome to Cagban Jetty Port, this is where you can get a ride going to your room/house/hotel and what have you... Fare: 150/trike, unless your hotel has a transport provided for you.

We arrived at the port about half past 5pm so as soon as we went in our place of stay, everyone was pretty exhausted from the trips so we had to rest and call it a day. Also, our wake up call that day was about 5am plus I worked the previous night until it was time to leave, so pretty much I'm kindda drained.

Strolling in Boracay... As per majority vote, our first activity was island hopping. If you avail of this activity online with the rest of your vacation package, you will get this for 1,500/head. So what I did was to scout for a cheap deal which only costed 800/head including lunch.

Can you guess whose rest house this is? Clue: Boxer turned politician! Lol! Among the sites you will see while island hopping. =D

Night time adventure...

I didn't get to capture all the nice views during most of the trip because there was something wrong with my camera, dang! Oh and by the way, during lunch time, the lines may go really, really long so you may want to hurry up your stay at Puka Beach Island. =D

Sorry to have to cut the posting short... I promise to post some more, in  maybe a few days. =D

Hope you had a good summer as well! XOXO