Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feng Shui Tips

I have a new neighbor who is a big fan of Feng Shui. I didn’t really have the chances to get to know them until last weekend. She works as an accountant at Alabang Town Center and is working for a Chinese boss. She has shared with me some Feng Shui tips that she had learned from her boss that I would also like to share with all of you. This is to keep the energy and positive things going.

First tip she gave me was for the front of the house. It was said that when a house has good energy circulating throughout, the people who live in the house experience higher levels of well-being. So she told me to place a Pineapple ornament hanging in the doorstep like mistletoe during Christmas.

We have one of this hanging on the doorstep...

So now for the next tip, I was advised that on the 30th of January, I have to prepare a pineapple and put gold coins around it. Also to add to this, I will have to put an old traditional food during the Chinese New Year, Tikoy. You will find more information on this food by clicking on the link. If you live in an area where you would see dragon dance, it is also advised that you feed angpao to the Dragon for goodluck!

And these are the Chocolate Gold coins that you can put around your Pineapple


I am pretty sure your kids know where to find these goodies! LOL!

Now for the house structure, I was given a small amount of advice since our house is almost done and we can only make small modifications as of this time. They say that Chi (energy) is like flowing water, so if the front door is aligned with the back door, chances are, the Chi that comes in will easily escape through the back door without having a chance to circulate and nourish your home.. So what to do? Put something to block the Chi, or at least something to slow the energy down. Compared again to water, what will make the water flow more slowly? Perhaps a table with flowers… this way, the energy that goes in the house will be redirected or will atleast slow down. This will change the relationship between the 2 aligned doors. You can also reposition the furniture to distribute the energy. We can also try out what will work best for us…
Whatever it is that we believe in, everything will still depend on the harmony of the people living in the house. I believe that love, prayer and faith coupled with bits and pieces of Feng Shui will not hurt. Haven't discussed this with Jon yet but I'm pretty sure he would want to try it, for a change, trying wont hurt, what do you have to lose in trying?

Well anyways, however you would like to spend your Chinese New Year, as long as it is spent with the family, it should be a bang!

Advance Happy Chinese New Year to All! =D