Friday, July 26, 2013

The Royal Baby - George Alexander Louis

Meet the newest member of the Royal Family George Alexander Louis AKA Prince George. He will be known as “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge," according to Clarence House, the official residence of heirs to the throne.

The proud Mom, Kate Middleton with her brightest smile!

Welcome to the world Prince George of Cambridge!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is the acronym that means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a condition that affects the areas of the brain that help us to control impulses, concentrate, and organize and although studies have shown that it can be treated with medicine, therapy, and other support, it is still vital for us to know if our kids are one of those who are affected by this condition.

I have had several opportunities of meeting kids with different level of Hyperactivity being tin the therapy field and it might have somehow influenced me into thinking that the current changes that I am noticing with kenn is associated with this situation. Lately I have this crazy feeling that there is something wrong. He would often drop glasses, cannot concentrate and is easily distracted, what’s worse is that I am thinking that he is having trouble in remembering things especially chores assigned to him… I tried to read more on this condition thinking that my concept of this condition would not suffice my thirst for more information which will be of great help should there be a need to worry.
True enough, we went to see the doctor and guess what, if you have been following my blog about issues with kids, you would have guessed it right, I am overanalyzing things, overly panicking and a terrible stress manager. I often score low when it comes to handling of issues when it comes to my kids.  Good thing that we only have one Pediatrician from the day when Kenn was born up to this day which is a relief because even from a distance, she can tell what’s wrong and right. =)

Why am I most concerned about this condition?

I have seen kids afflicted with this and I could say that it is certainly not easy to deal with this. It will take a whole lot of heart and mind before one will be able to grasp, embrace and accept kids in this condition. I know some parents who have been crying, still, after several years of dealing with their kids who has ADHD. From the definition itself, HYPERACTIVITY, you can already tell that kids will be burning their calories and will never get tired of moving, along with this, a kid may also exhibit less focus on everything and will have difficulty in school and dealing with friends and family. It is the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children and adolescents, affecting about 6 to 7 percent of children and is diagnosed in about 2 to 16 percent of school-aged children. ADHD management usually involves some combination of medications, behavior therapy, lifestyle changes, and counseling. Medications are only recommended as a first-line treatment option in children who have severe symptoms. ADHD is diagnosed three to four times more commonly in boys than in girls.

Check if your child has ADHD by clicking HERE

I found this very useful site during one of my panic-driven-find-an-answer-time! =) you can just fill out the form and submit and voila! Instant answer...

Suggested reading articles for this condition for more information:

Lastly, it takes a lot of heart to take care of these kids, lets us be supportive of parents who are in this situation and be understanding with kids who are inflicted with such, after all, in the eyes of God, kids will always be kids, little Angels sent from above... =)