Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Visit to the Island of Polillo

This post has long been overdue, my apologies, but I just wouldn't want to miss out on sharing with all of you a visit to an island which is 5 hours by bus plus 3 hours by boat away from the Manila. I had the rare opportunity of visiting the island of Polillo. To get to the place, you can ride the bus going to Real, Quezon at Legarda in Manila.

Fare: P 219.00

Although the trip was quite long, I had my friends and music to keep me company. I don't usually sleep during long trips so I mostly saw everything we came across with.

The Boat ride

As I said 3 hours by boat, you get to ride a boat slightly bigger than the ones that they use in Palawan.

Port fee: P 5.00
Boat fare:  P200.00

As soon as we arrived at the place, we began scouting for a place to stay 'cause we initially planned on staying in our tent. Apparently wasn't a good thing 'cause it was raining during our entire stay at the island, well most of the time but not all the time. We didn't have a choice but to look for a place to stay... which was a good thing 'cause we found this really neat place.

Isla Polillo Beach Resort

Hut rent: P 2,500.00/night  (sponsored for us, thank you to the sponsor!)

2 bedroom hut with toilet and bath

Amenities of the place includes:
Function Rooms

They have these neat little huts beside the sea...

Although it was raining like cats and dogs, we still had the time of our lives.

Meet my friend Cyril!

...and Rose

sorry for the blurry picture but you have to meet Tita Pines, she is the sister of the owner and men she cooks really well... for just a few pesos added to your accommodation, she will include the food.

For those of you who wants to inquire on their accommodation rates, feel free to send a message and I will be glad to send your to her... =)

To the people of Polillo, Thank you for making our stay extra special! Mabuhay kayo! I hope to be back someday!