Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Sale 2015

CHRISTMAS... It's that time of the year again where we celebrate the most significant event of the year, the birth of Christ, biggest celebration especially for Catholics.  The streets of EDSA and almost all the streets of the Metro is already jam packed with Christmas shoppers as most of the employees here have already receive their bonuses for the biggest celebration of the year.
The Philippines is probably the only country with the longest Christmas celebration as we start as early as September to prepare the Christmas decors and all the glittering lights to place in the entire house. We all take pleasure in seeing the lights and it gives a kind of happy feeling knowing that Christmas is already fast approaching.
See the traffic in EDSA… (well this actually seems to be a view for the entire year… LOL!)
So, on to the positive light despite of the traffic, let’s see the Mall Sale around the Metro…=)


Selected SM Malls


If you are looking for great online deals for more items at a more reasonable price, you can also visit this Online deals site for more options. There are also some applications that you can download like that of Lazada.  You can also check out Check out a wide range of Nike shoes at ZALORA as I heard they have great offers for online shoppers.
Christmas is undeniably the busiest, happiest and kindda most expensive time of the year... Keep in mind that if we save some of the money that we have today, we will have something for the incoming year.
From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year! Thank you everyone for supporting my site! God bless!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Disgusting Pictures of the Celebration Of The Feast of San Roque in San Pedro Laguna!

I was born and raised in a simple and small barrio located in San Pedro, Laguna...  San Roque. My Lola (who was long gone for several years now) still has her house there where my mother now lives. I was raised as a devout Catholic and although I had my share of life's hardships, I have remained a faithful Catholic. Every year we celebrate the feast of San Roque and as a family custom, my mother prepares different types of dishes to serve to people who come and visit to celebrate the Feast of san Roque with our family. This festivity has been an ongoing tradition so I am no longer new to the diverse practices that people showcase during the event.

Our Patron Saint "San Roque"

This year is quite different... It was a failure... I felt sorry as a Catholic that I had to bear witness to this disappointment... I just wished that these mindless people didn't have to show how they have lambasted the entire Catholic sector...

See how you will react to these photos... (Taken during the procession)

I would like to emphasize that I am not blogging these pictures for any other reason except for the fact that I am calling on the people of San Roque, San Pedro, Laguna to respect other Catholics and NOT to confuse the new generation on the true meaning of the Feast Day of our Patron Saint San Roque!
May the Good Lord see you and give what is due you, in time...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Do It Yourself Minions Mamons From Nissin Monde

I have been having the hardest time finding the DIY Minion Mamons from Nissin Monde nowadays until yesterday a friend gave me a pack of for Enzo. He had fun while creating his own minion styled mamon and I wanna share with all of you how we did it!

What's inside each pack are 6 mamons and 1 Minions kit.

Now let's see how to make the minion design mamon...

Enzo did the eyes first...

Yay! Enzo's finished product with the help of Daddy!


hope you guys had fun looking at the pictures! Now go grab a paclk for your kiddos and I'm sure they will all enjoy creating their own version! =D

Friday, July 17, 2015

Heading Out To The Gym!

Hello everyone! Kindda missed blogging for quite a while. I have had a roller coaster ride in life since I left my previous company in search of another one that I can call my second home.

Well, fortunately for me I found a new place to work, have fun and earn. I am now a part of another international company and I am hoping to stay here for the rest of my employment years. Really proud to be a part of the company and along with this, not only did I found a place to work but I also found out that we have our own Gym! Its been a while since I did my last jog at The Fort (where I previously worked) and I really miss the fun and benefits that I get with the activity.
So me and the girls often visit the gym for some exercise and tons of fun... Got new friends by the way!

Sharing with you some tips before heading out to the gym!

1. Make sure to pack your things and to bring all the things that you will need for the activities that you want to do inside the gym. Me, I make sure to bring my most precious towel and I'm pretty sure that no one wants to get those sweat in all the stuff that you will using.

2. Water Bottle, so you can replenish those lost liquids and keep your self hydrated.

3. Ipod or any gadgets for your music. It's always fun to have these neat gadgets to help setting the right mood for the activities in the gym.

Here are some of the things that I make sure to bring with me...

my shoes really looks worn out, price that it has to pay for always coming along with me lol! You can check out some of my favorite online shops for more items...

Here is my GCC pulse gear that I got from JP Morgan Chase... it's something priceless for me... something to keep and remember Chase with... It actually counts the number of steps i make. It was provided to us in support of the campaign to promote walking...

My music buddy from  Phillips GoGear Raga, keeps my music with me all the time! =)

I am a fan of sites with good promo for gadget freak like me... lol!

That is my good friend Tere Artieda in the picture during one of our sessions in the gym...

You can check out some of my favorite online shops for more items... For some stylish sporty outfit, check out Zalora for stylish sports clothing. You can also go to Online Deals for more promos!

We need not spend much to stay healthy but we can always make our lifestyle free from the clutters of life... so live healthy, eat healthy and stay happy to all

Happy loooong weekend! =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

McDonald's National Breakfast Day 2015

It's National Breakfast Day Again! On March 9, 2015, McDonald’s will be celebrating its biggest breakfast activation across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa—National Breakfast Day.

Starting 6AM on March 9, 2015, all participating McDonald’s breakfast stores nationwide are joining the celebration of National Breakfast Day as a way of saying “thank you” to its customers. Close to 400,000 McMuffin sandwiches will be given away for free as per their website.

Please visit their website for more details on all participating branches!

See you there!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

GLOBE Rewards Expiring in March

Hi everyone! For those who are asking on the expiry of their Globe Rewards points, please note that the points will be expiring this coming March 31, 2015 so better exchange those points now.

You can visit Globe for their existing rewards and corresponding points. you can also check their website for the details on how to claim your rewards!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

An Amazing Escape To Coron, Palawan

Hello guys! Sorry for the long rest from blogging... I have another escapade to share with all of you, this was during my recent visit to the beautiful Island of Coron in Palawan. Indeed, an adventure that I will remember forever...

Details of the Tour

Carrier:                       Philippine Airlines
Airport Terminal:       Busuanga, Coron
Place of Stay:             Majika Island Beach Resort

Here are some of the shots taken at the resort!

The Dive Shop, where you can choose your gear for snorkling, diving and pretty much all the things that you need for your water expedition...

Snorkling by the way is included in the package that we got but not scuba diving which was an additional 1,500php (rate for pinoys).

Majika Island Beach Resort Accommodation is 6,600php per person. Inclusive of food, which is by the way, buffet all the way from breakfast to dinner, transports to and from airport, Cottage good for 2 w/ T/B and 2 beds. Staff as well as the owner were the warmest people ever!

Our first dinner! Seafood feast!

Our first Breakfast in the island!

Danggit and SPAM

Before we reached the Island, we had to travel for 45 minutes by van from the airport. This is included in the services offered in the package that we got from Majika. Then after that, we then transferred to a small boat that took us to the island.

Murky waters, yes, but wait til you see what Palawan has to offer!

I was just happy that I took the time to go to the Island of Polillo and experienced to ride a boat, otherwise I think they will all have a hard time containing me in this small vessel. lol!

See those excited happy faces... from the left: Shylaine, me, Rheneboy and Elaine!!! =)  Hi Guys!!!

Shipwreck - Lusong Gunboat

With us on the tour, a volunteer worker from Red Cross Germany, it was her 5th day in the Philippines that day! And she says with bright eyes that the Philippines and the Filipinos are so amazing! #proudtobepinoy

Now here are the breathtaking, amazing, super fantastic corals in the Coral Farm!!! The site you should not miss on your visit to Coron!

All I could say was "wow"... really amazing rock formations everywhere!


On Our way to Twin Lagoon...

Here are some of our underwater shots! =)

Here with us is the proud owner of the place where we stayed, Ate Majika! =) 

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my post...

Sorry to cut the post short... I will have the 2nd batch of pictures in my next post... hopefully, tomorrow... thanks guys! =) Hope you enjoyed!