Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alabang Town Center Summer Camp 2014 for Kids!!!

Calling all who have not yet signed up for this year's Summer Camp!

Alabang Town Center is still accepting registrations for the following activities...

You can browse below for the list!

You can drop by the Concierge anytime during mall hours to get your registration form. They are located in the lower level of ATC near National Bookstore. Fill out the form and submit a copy of 1x1 picture of your kid and school ID.

This is free of charge, you just need to present a receipt worth 1 thousand pesos of purchase single or accumulated and you should be all set to sign up!

Happy Summer to All!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the commemoration of the day when Jesus came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast Day of Passover. The Bible portrays this entrance as the recognition of Jesus as King of all of mankind, and Savior to His people.  The word “Hosanna” in Hebrew means “save,” and is a reference, by the people, to the belief that Jesus was coming to save His people, as well as all of mankind.

The coming of Jesus to Jerusalem signifies the start of the Holy Week as this was also the time when He warned His Disciples that He will be put to death and will rise again after three days.. And as a devout Catholic, this is when we commemorate the Passion of Christ.

Palm was used by the early people to welcome Jesus as He enter the place...

Happy Palm Sunday to all... and may we never forget how much the Lord loves us...