Friday, July 17, 2015

Heading Out To The Gym!

Hello everyone! Kindda missed blogging for quite a while. I have had a roller coaster ride in life since I left my previous company in search of another one that I can call my second home.

Well, fortunately for me I found a new place to work, have fun and earn. I am now a part of another international company and I am hoping to stay here for the rest of my employment years. Really proud to be a part of the company and along with this, not only did I found a place to work but I also found out that we have our own Gym! Its been a while since I did my last jog at The Fort (where I previously worked) and I really miss the fun and benefits that I get with the activity.
So me and the girls often visit the gym for some exercise and tons of fun... Got new friends by the way!

Sharing with you some tips before heading out to the gym!

1. Make sure to pack your things and to bring all the things that you will need for the activities that you want to do inside the gym. Me, I make sure to bring my most precious towel and I'm pretty sure that no one wants to get those sweat in all the stuff that you will using.

2. Water Bottle, so you can replenish those lost liquids and keep your self hydrated.

3. Ipod or any gadgets for your music. It's always fun to have these neat gadgets to help setting the right mood for the activities in the gym.

Here are some of the things that I make sure to bring with me...

my shoes really looks worn out, price that it has to pay for always coming along with me lol! You can check out some of my favorite online shops for more items...

Here is my GCC pulse gear that I got from JP Morgan Chase... it's something priceless for me... something to keep and remember Chase with... It actually counts the number of steps i make. It was provided to us in support of the campaign to promote walking...

My music buddy from  Phillips GoGear Raga, keeps my music with me all the time! =)

I am a fan of sites with good promo for gadget freak like me... lol!

That is my good friend Tere Artieda in the picture during one of our sessions in the gym...

You can check out some of my favorite online shops for more items... For some stylish sporty outfit, check out Zalora for stylish sports clothing. You can also go to Online Deals for more promos!

We need not spend much to stay healthy but we can always make our lifestyle free from the clutters of life... so live healthy, eat healthy and stay happy to all

Happy loooong weekend! =)