Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Footprints of love"

Have you ever lost someone who had been a great influence in your life? Someone whom you've shared most of yourself with, who has made you who you are today? Well, I did once. My granny. I have spent almost half of my entire existence with her and it brought me so much pain when we lost her. Why did I ask? Because yesterday was the day when my sister-in-law lost her mom. I met her a couple of times and I find her to be a very, very nice person. She even took the time once, when I was at the hospital, to pay me a visit and even gave me a big hug after a gruesome time at the Intensive Care Unit. I know I am not in any way connected but you can tell by merely staring at the person how sincere they are. She was indeed a person of great quality and love for family. My sister-in-law is one of the nicest person I met in this lifetime. Which leads me to conclude that love was brewed in their family, from roots to tip (as said by an advertiser in the television). My heart goes out to the people who was left by her mom. I know that sadness fills their hearts right this very moment. It will be a battle every moment you remember the great moments you spent with her, the untiring journey you all took together, and the endless laughter that will start to echo in your memory, but I know, with the qualities that she has, being a mom, a friend and someone who never hesitated to share a part of her with the world, she now rests with our Creator. We all have footprints left in our hearts, left by someone who has filled a space that will always be empty when they go. But let us be reminded that there are still people out there waiting to gain entrance into our hearts. The past will always be a good memory that will linger in each of our lives. Let us take the time to remember them and then move forward. To dear Cecilia Delas Alas, on to your new journey with the Creator. We will all pray for you. Look down on all the people who loves you and know that you will forever be remembered and loved. Claim your place in paradise. "Bon Voyage".

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cerulean Thought To Ponder

Wedding Rings

Hi Cerulean Readers! Here is my thought for the day:

Wedding rings is a memoir of the celebration of your wedding day. It is a thing that is worn as a reminder that someone loves you and has walked down down aisle with you. Let not our wedding rings bound husbands and wives together, but instead, let us remember that we are bounded by God and His gift of Love that we share. Let not wedding rings be chains that traps two people together, instead we have to be bounded by love and love alone.