Monday, August 17, 2015

Disgusting Pictures of the Celebration Of The Feast of San Roque in San Pedro Laguna!

I was born and raised in a simple and small barrio located in San Pedro, Laguna...  San Roque. My Lola (who was long gone for several years now) still has her house there where my mother now lives. I was raised as a devout Catholic and although I had my share of life's hardships, I have remained a faithful Catholic. Every year we celebrate the feast of San Roque and as a family custom, my mother prepares different types of dishes to serve to people who come and visit to celebrate the Feast of san Roque with our family. This festivity has been an ongoing tradition so I am no longer new to the diverse practices that people showcase during the event.

Our Patron Saint "San Roque"

This year is quite different... It was a failure... I felt sorry as a Catholic that I had to bear witness to this disappointment... I just wished that these mindless people didn't have to show how they have lambasted the entire Catholic sector...

See how you will react to these photos... (Taken during the procession)

I would like to emphasize that I am not blogging these pictures for any other reason except for the fact that I am calling on the people of San Roque, San Pedro, Laguna to respect other Catholics and NOT to confuse the new generation on the true meaning of the Feast Day of our Patron Saint San Roque!
May the Good Lord see you and give what is due you, in time...