Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hound Haven Philippines

Hound Haven Philippines

I was browsing through the list of my favorite GMA documentaries when I came across an iWitness episode by Kara David on Dogs particularly on K9 dogs who served the military for the most part of their lives. My heart was torn into pieces upon learning the lives these dogs take on after retirement. Good thing Hound Haven is here to give them a temporary shelter and find them a new HOME...

Please watch and share!

I am sharing this with you all so as to create awareness that these furry friends need our care and to belong to a family who can provide shelter and love... They truly deserve more than what they are getting now...

Here is how we can help!

I believe they will soon find their new family. I am planning to visit this place one of these days... I know I can make a difference through small things, I hope you can visit them too!

See you! =)