Monday, March 4, 2013

Summer Activities For Kids

It’s almost time for Kenn’s most anticipated months March and April because it’s vacation time. There are a whole lot of things in store for him to do this summer and this includes (but is not limited to) a month of activity in Kumon where I have enrolled him for Math activities for a month. I have heard so much about their after-school math and reading program, especially from my cousins who’ve had their kids try out for this type of schooling.

Kumon is a math and reading program intended to supplement rather than replace school lessons. Students do not work together as a class, but progress through the curriculum at their own pace, moving on to the next level when they have achieved mastery of the previous level. You can check out their site for fees and program.
Next in line for Kenn is the Mc Donald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, last year’s class was a big success and he enjoyed every workshop day that he spent with his new friends. There was so much that he learned and he even got the award “Best in Dining Crew”. This is one week of fun filled games and activities for kids to learn more about how the food business works, pretty short but definitely worth it. You can check out the site for more information. Last year’s fee was 500PHP inclusive of a back pack, ID with lace, shirt, cap and activity tools.

So after the Kiddie Crew Workshop, I will let him choose what’s next for him. I have lined up several activities for him to choose from, like Taekwondo, Swimming and Basketball. We have people at the village offering those activities to kids 7 and up. What’s good about keeping kids up to their feet during summer is that it will train them to value time and not to be trained to slack off. I am not the kind of person who pushes what I want, I give options so that he may decide for himself, that way, he also discovers what he wants apart from what he likes. It is like training him to become a person who can weigh things from the smallest to the biggest.

Summer is a time for fun, and of course having said that, I will never hinder kenn from enjoying it, but this is also a time for him to check on things that he will learn from and things that he will only have time for. There is always a good way fo presenting things to a kid and I would say that these activities that I have lined up for him will enrich him and let him enjoy the rest of his summer.

Happy Summer to All!