Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pontevia Newest Hang out in Town!

Yesterday was so much fun! We went for a short drive going to Pontevia, roughly 10 minutes away from our place. We often visit the place because they have the nearest Mc Donald's store. Pontevia is a growing business location that is situated along Daanghari Road, Muntinlupa City, just across Portofino and Fernbrook Gardens where you can find the latest addition to the Rustan's chain of department stores although they only have a few stores open as of this day. They have drive thru Starbucks, Mc Donald's, ACE Hardware, and a lot more stall soon to open. They also have free film showing during weekends (i'm just not so sure if they also have it during weekdays) and every Saturday they have a "Trunk Sale" wherein cars with goods at their trunk can sell commodities of various kinds at very cheap prices! Just make sure to bring your flashlights because the place is not well lit because they are still developing the entire place. What's best about it is that merchants can sign up for a space free of charge!

I have shared this article because of what happened in Mc Donald's yesterday. We were out the to have dinner when I noticed the staff trying to gather in a corner with a balloon and a birthday hat. Suddenly they approached the group of people sitting beside us while singing "Happy Birthday". They were all surprised with this gesture and kept on thanking the crew for what they did. It was their Grandma's birthday and one of the crews overheard them talking about the celebration which led them to sing to the celebrant. I was really touched by what I saw and what moved me more was when the Store Manager reached out to Enzo and asked if Enzo would like to have a balloon too... wow, I said to myself, that they have a really good customer service from the manager down to the crews. So what I did was to take a picture of Jeffrey (the store manager) and Enzo.

You might want to check out the place, they also have a special promo every Saturdays and Sunday.

Here is a map that will help you get there!