Sunday, October 6, 2019

PLDT Phone Number Update!!!

PLDT Phone Number Update!!!

So, today is D-Day. The first day of implementing the most recent update of PLDT in compliance with NTC’s order wherein all telephone numbers with area code 02 will add the number 8 followed by the 7 digit number so there will now be a standard 8 digit phone number apart from the area code.

As per their site:

NTC assigned a PTE (Public Telephone Entity) identified per telecommunication operator. Number 8 is assigned to PLDT.

I haven’t tried my phone number yet as I needed to make sure first that I wouldn’t have any problems when trying to contact my mother… So I dialed hers. And Voila…. I was misdirected to MANULIFE!!! So the first day FAILED! I immediately called PLDT to report this and had them try calling my mom to check if her line is working. Then it dawned on me, hers is not while ours is working… So now, the next question falls on what will happen? I was advised that they will work on my mom's phone number and ETA is 3-6 DAYS!!!! So she will be out of touch for 6 DAYS! Ok, given that the system is not perfect, I understood and gave them a chance. Besides, we have been with PLDT for decades now and so far, is satisfied except for some bouts of challenges which rarely happens.

No ticket number was available as they will just text me the information within 24 hours (just for the ticket number, ugh!)

I will have this post updated once her line gets fixed, for now if you are having the same trouble, call the 171 number and go to technical support for landline. They are already aware that this is happening.

Good luck to all PLDT subscribers!!! I will just update this post at a later date!

You may visit their page for more info using this LINK! Thanks for dropping by! J

********** UPDATE AS OF October 7, 2019**********

I hope everyone's number has already been safely migrated as my mom’s phone number is already up and ready to use in less than 24 hours! Thank you PLDT, I am still one of your million satisfied subscribers!!! For those who are still experiencing problems in line with the recent change, please call the PLDT 171 number and I'm sure they will also do their best to provide you with a speedy service...  J