Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Congratulations Megan Young, Miss World 2013!

Another 1st for the Philippines! The new Miss World has won over 126 other contestants in the much-anticipated finale in Bali, Indonesia last Saturday. Late post, I was overly excited as I watched it unfold however, it was funny because I have that feeling that Philippines will be winning the crown that night. She seemed to be the crowd’s favorite that night, stunning with beauty, striking looks, splendid walk and showcasing her wit, she was the best pick that night. True beauty and brains as with all others who has shown their best…



and for those people who are not happy knowing that a Filipina won the title, God bless your heart... =) you can just let go of the bitterness and be happy for what other people has achieved rather than posting senseless words and spreading bitterness...

Congratulations Megan, Congratulations Philippines! 

Hello October!

Hello October, 2 more months before the biggest celebration of the year! Everyone’s beginning to feel the Christmas spirit inspite of what’s been happening around recently… the storms, Pork Barrel and some military stuff in Zamboanga… I have been seeing people looking out for some sale at the malls, some of which are already scouting for their Christmas tree, preparing for the big day. September came too swiftly and now Enzo is already 2, then now here comes October, Daddy Jon’s birth month as well as my big Bro Noel and my mother’s… And as an early birthday gift, Jon received a special message from his mobile carrier Globe Telecoms. An early birthday treat!

Globe Rewards: It’s your birthday month! We’re celebrating this special month by giving you FREE unlimited Text for a day. Kindly make sure that you are not registered to another text promo tomorrow so that we can send you the gift!

Wow, greatly appreciated… best thing about this gift is that you don't need to do anything, they will automatically sign you up for unlimited texting for a day! Thanks Globe Telecoms! =D