Sunday, March 13, 2016

Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas March 2016

Burot Beach 2016

A friend recently shared with me a site where I can find great beaches which is just some kilometers away from my place. Well, if you would like to get some peace after a stressful week at work, you may want to check out the beaches in Batangas. Roughly 2-3 hours away from the metro. I have been scouting for a place not so expensive to feature here since summer is almost here, well I guess with the scorching heat that we are experiencing right now, I would say that Summer has officially began.

Been going through some sites to check out a place where we will be spending less while having the time of our lives, place not too crowded for a weekend getaway, also taking into consideration that we are on a very tight budget.

We decided between Burot and Tingloy… had to do some reading to make sure that this will be an inexpensive trip otherwise I will not get an approval from the head of the family hahaha!

We decided between Burot and Tingloy… had to do some reading to make sure that this will be an inexpensive trip otherwise I will not get an approval from the head of the family, LOL!

So it will be Burot for our 1st Summer Camping. No directions needed as we have WAZE application to serve as our guide, and guess what? It really took us to our destination without hassle, so for those who will be taking their car, I would suggest for you to use the app.

Via SLEX: Santa Rosa Exit - Tagaytay- Nasugbu Highway
Distance: 122 Kilometers from Alabang (one way)

We didn't really know what to see when we get there to Burot but since I did my assignment and went trhu some reviews, I figured, I needed to bring our own tent (which we have 2). And on our way, we saw people on the side streets selling firewood for 100 Php (which will cost Php200 if you buy it from the locals in the beach).

Sharing with all of you some of the pictures that I took. I want you to see how the beach really looks like so I did not fix the pictures. Just be aware that this is a low cost get away for you not to expect too much from this place.

For those who will be using their private vehicles, it will be a rough ride...

Occassional traffic, hahaha, just kidding!

Upon approaching the beach, the road gets narrower...

Oooops, I almost forgot the manong guard's role upon our entry in the vicinity. He will hand you over a trash bag and some papers for instruction while inside the premises, cost - 10Php.

Ayan BABALA... Asawa ni... BABALU!!! LOL!

The Beach!


So yes, Burot Beach was how I pictured it to be, maybe because with all the readings that I did, I didn't expect much, but it is still a good location to visit and spend time with the family. It was a worthwhile experience, and as I looked back and while posting these pictures, I can tell that my kids had a great time.

Glad it was low tide when we were there cause I didn't have to worry about Enzo getting some place in the water where wouldn't want him to be... =D

But wait, there's more! Activities that you can do while in Burot? Not much if you will spend a week, but it will be action packed if you decide to stay for the weekend.

Manong Bangkero can take you to the nearby island for 150Php each minimum of five persons.

On the right side of the beach, where most of the rock formations are, you can do fishing.

At night once you are all set to sleep, before sleeping you can do Bonfire (which unfortunately, I didn't capture in my tab because all gadgets are drained down =(...)

Grill! Grill! Grill!

What not to forget is your Sunblock lotion... Also, make sure to bring a whole lot of water to wash your hands, for drinking and for washing your food.

Below is on the right side of the beach... not very much for campers to stay and set up tent in. This is the rocky side.

Thanks to Daddy Jon for taking these pictures on the rocky side of the beach as I was busy preparing our food when they went here. And yes, there were fishes on this side so fishing with your kids will be a great bonding activity.

By the way, if you bring your own tent, you will pay 30 Php for each, but if you don't have a tent, you can rent one from the locals for 300Php

Also, you can rent tables for 300 Php.


It will be best if you will arrive at around noon when almost everyone who spent the night at the beach is almost ready to leave so that you can pick a spot where to set up your tent.

Burot at Dawn...

Didn't get to take a picture of his bonfire during the night so I asked him to light a small one for me...

Don't forget to bring your blankets and pillows as it gets really cold at night, atleast it got cold when we were there, I'm not really sure how it will work when April kicks in.

My little nugget inside the tent... I got a really, really tight hug when he woke up... He said "Thank you Mommy" while looking at the beach... #simplejoysofamom

There were some grassy spots in the beach which we avoided because of sea worms (and you may have to expect a lot of those in the grassy parts), but hey, they don't bite. Just try to avoid those parts so as not to spoil the moment. LOL! Starfishes? Yes there are also a lot of them... =)

Some of the not-so-good experience during our stay in this place is the infamous CR where you have to pay 5Php everytime you pee and 10Php for poops LOL! Although Burot Beach is a privately owned property of SM Group of Companies, this place is still (for now) maintained by the locals and is still open to the public. Before heading off to this place, you need to bring all the things that you will need because apart from the small store inside the vicinity (where you can buy beer and some stuff) you wont have access to anything else, even electricity.

Gas - 1k (approximate gas consumption from Alabang on a 2 way route  is 600 Php according to Jon)
Tent - 30 Php for each (we brought 2, paid 60 and used only 1)
Wood bundle - 100 Php (we bought it along the way and not inside Burot)

Now I know why they have this as we approach the location...

Overall, our stay in Burot Beach was worth it... It took us some time to get there because of the traffic going to Tagaytay, but it paid off. And if given the chance to camp out with the kids again, we will go back to this place.

My kids and my husband is my life, we have been blessed with a lot of struggles and obstacles... Even if we live a simple life, I'm glad we have these moments to cherish in this lifetime... Thank God for family, they are my source of strength in trying times... I am also glad that even if we do not have the best in life, atleast we have each other.

Always, always remember that happiness is a state of mind under the influence of the people who gives us UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! If you have to live up to someone else's standards, then that is NOT FAMILY...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and goodluck in planning your weekend getaway! =)