Sunday, August 13, 2017

Intro To Freediving

I recently had the chance to spend a weekend conquering one of my fears… Exploring THE SEA… and to top it all, I learned the basics of freediving.

Before I start, let’s define what Freediving is… According to Wikipedia (which I suppose is the “go to” for such definitions. Lol!)  - Freediving, free-diving, free diving, breath-hold diving, or skin diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers' ability to hold their breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear.

Upon arrival, we were asked to leave an ID for the rental of freediving gears (snorkel and a pair of fins).

Introducing Coach Roger and my new friend Audrie

My good friend Reymond Pante who introduced me to freediving...

Pictures below were taken during lecture. So, since the activity entails holding your breath, we started off by learning the techniques of how to properly do it.

After this, we then proceeded to the site. Two options to go to the site, you can either walk (takes about 30 mins) or take a tricycle for 50php.

Pictures below were taken during the floating session before we headed off to the deeper part of the sea.


After checking on each of our swimming and floating skills, we then started to swim going to the diving site.

Below were our pictures during the diving activity. I didn't know that this event will change the way I look at deep seas (everything went good except from my few bouts with muscle spasms, lol!) Before I post our pictures, first off, let me thank the people behind this unforgettable experience. Freediving Coaches of Asia, you guys are the best. They are composed of people working on a common goal and that is to bring people closer to the sea... special shoutout to the Master Coach @Jeroen Elout who hails from another country yet chose to stay in our beautiful Philippines and spearheaded this freediving activity.

Free Diving Coaches of Asia aims to:
 1. To teach EVERYBODY on sea survival. To reduce non swimmer rate and the yearly drowning count. (Drowning is the no.1 cause of death among Thai youngsters aged 15 below, each year 3000 kids drown)

2. To teach freediving to everyone, because once people start to love the sea they can eventually help in taking care of it.

3. To train more coaches as thousands are needed if we seriously want to teach a nation how to survive at sea.

Photo op with the diving master...

Freediving Main event

Kudos to all our Coaches Coach Roger, Coach Anthony and everyone (sorry I forgot the names of the rest of them)! You guys are really awesome...

Guys, here is the most recent upcoming event posted by Free Diving Coaches of Asia. Kindly visit their site and like the page.

Lastly, Special thanks to my newfound friends... I hope we can all get together again for another set of Freediving activity. Thank you everyone for being the best! Ryan Eramis Apayat, Aubrey Rodriguez, Crissy FabelPadre, Jeff Belchez, Kenneth Domingo, Lawrence San Juan, Tiffany Delos Santos, Presa Prangko, Rap Paolo and Reymond Pante.

I highly recommend this activity as it will make you appreciate nature at its best. Hope you enjoyed my weekend escapade! 'Til my next adventure!