Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life in an Autopilot

Ever wondered why sometimes things can go out of hand that you are unable to control things that usually go your way? Ever wondered why there are times when the world is so unlikely to be unkind to you? When everything you tried seemed not to work? I am currently in that situation, the last place where I wanted to be, so messed up that sometimes it seemed that the only way out is to quit. The thing is that I am no quitter, ever, well maybe at some point in my life I did, but not today. I am determined to find answers to my questions and to find a way to get it resolved. I may be out of ideas right now, but I am sure, with the help of some friends, I will find a way out.
While trying to figure out what to do with the mess I have, I then noticed that a lot of times I tend to maneuver my life and steer it wherever direction I want, however, it felt like the more I steer my life to the course I want, the more I get tangled with issues, obstacles and trials. It looks to me like life is finding a way not to follow my directions. And that is when people usually start to look for miracles, when there is no other way but down. I have had an opportunity, the other day, to reflect on life and the sea of misery that it can bring to a person. I tried to look back on important things where I fell short of perfection or at least, standards. And then I noticed that, I have been praying, constantly everyday, thanking the good Lord for everything and praying for my plans to succeed and for everything to turn out well. I didn’t realize that the ingredient that was missing in my life is that, I don’t have to steer my life to wherever I wanted to be. I will have to let God do that for me. How could I have missed out on that one? Then I realized, I am just a person, capable of falling short of his grace. And now, I have decided to let God run my life and that I will be activating my Autopilot mode. God knows what’s best for each and everyone of us. If life is not going our way, then maybe we can try to reflect on our lives. Maybe there is one basic ingredient that is missing from our menu, or maybe you are over controlling your life, I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is that, we can only have the life that we deserve if we let Him take charge of our future. So now I am embarking on to a new mission, to constantly remind myself to let Him hold my life in His palm and to lead me in to the life I deserve.
There are no guarantees that we can have perfect life in this imperfect world, but I believe that with a good relationship with our Creator, nothing is impossible. Prayers may help us in sending out our requests to Him, but if we let him take charge of everything, then there is no way to go but up. Turning on the autopilot mode doesn’t mean that life will be a breeze, but it sure helps to know that you are in the safe and guiding hands of the Lord and that everything happens because He has His reasons and that if we are lucky, maybe those reasons will be revealed in time.