Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kenn's 7th Birthday

I would like to share with you some of the pictures that were taken during Kenn's 7th Birthday! He chose to have a pirate theme and so I have scouted and asked around on how I can get a good costume that is affordable. Good thing I have a friend who introduced me to someone who can create good costumes!

The Invitation

The Venue

Venue was held in Grefaldo Pavillion, a place that can accommodate more than 200 people which is good for big gatherings such as birthdays. And by the way, this was also the same place that we rented when Kenn was baptized. ;)

Here is Kenn with his good friend Kendrae... both in their pirate costumes...

I made the hair out of yarn, i bought couple of yarns brown and black and made a braid out of those yarns. Pretty clever but sweet, it really looked nice on the event day! I have requested the person who made the costume to put together the pieces of braid that I made and what he did was attached the braid to a hanky and Voila!

For this event I got Mom C's clowns which was really worth it! Everyone enjoyed their show and games, especially the kids.

It was also neat cause some, if not all, actually wore a pirate costume.

Enzo with cousins Poul and Bhea, Enzo was almost 3 months during the event....

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