Friday, October 12, 2012

Jhayzelle Anne Margarette!

Kenn has had beautiful childhood memories because he has shared most of his early days with his favorite cousin Ate Jamjam... Jhayzelle was 1 when Kenn was born so there was almost no age gap between them. We have had a lot of good memories with this very, very nice girl who will soon be turning 8 this November and as a glimpse of the past, here are some of the pictures she has left with us since we moved to the new house...

I can still remember the night before  my sister-in-law gave birth, I was in a state of panic calling out to everyone because her bag of water broke. And before she was taken to the hospital, I was able to give her a Rosary that she took with her. And I can still remember when she told me that she pleaded to the nurse not to get the rosary away from her  because I gave it to her. =) sweet...

When Jhayzelle was born, everyone in the family was so happy and she was the family's first baby...

She was a year old when this was taken...

Her name was actually suggested by the whole family... Jhayzelle was suggested by our youngest brother, Anne Margareth was from big bro and sis in law and as for me... well I suggested for them to add it all up, I remembered that we were debating about the name During a dinner.

So we all ended up with Jhayzelle Anne Margarette! short for Jam... =)

Jhayzelle at 2 and Kenn almost 1 year old.

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