Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mom @ 68!

We have just celebrated my Nanay's 68th birthday yesterday. We went out for a dinner at NorthPark SM Muntinlupa and ate our hearts out. Just wanted to share with you guys some of the Family pictures that were taken...

Here is Kenn, Mei-mei and Ate Jhayzelle... Cousins by blood and by kakulitan!


Here is Super Kulit and cute Mei-mei!

Well, she's actually insisting on more pictures of her!

First picture taken that we have them all in complete attendance! =D sweet!

So therefore, this is the 2nd! LOLz

My big bro and his super nice wifey Ate Ibeth with of course the birthday oooops the lil' girl who wants more pictures of her! =D

 Our Family : My brother Noel, Sis in law Ibeth beside him, Avy, Jhayzelle and Nanay opposite my bro then me and Daddy at the back with Kenn and Enzo.

The little nugget fell asleep in the car so we had to take him inside the restaurant in a carrier... =D and when he finally woke up (cause Nanay keeps calling his name and was acting like she's not shouting it... LOLz) he was all grumpy!

Hmmm... small, tall, taller, tallest.. nice! =D 

oh I think Enzo's really not (yet) in the mood for pictures... 

That's US...Happy Birthday Nanay! We love you! More Birthdays to come!!! =)

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