Friday, November 16, 2012

A Surprise Wedding! Carmina~Zoren

I got really excited to check on the news about a local actress who went to a wedding without knowing that it was hers. Actress Carmina Villaroel had the surprise of her life when she learned that she was about to say "I do" to her partner for 12 years Zoren Legaspi! Wow, that's neat... but how do you prepare for a surprise wedding? Betya it's hard to keep mum about things like these... and you will need people with strong convictions as a part of your entourage to keep the surprise to themselves.

Probably, if you are with the same person for most of your life, a surprise wedding is a knockout but otherwise, girls might still prefer to prepare in a traditional way. But really, how do you get all those important people in your life all together for the event without revealing what's really in store for the day. I bet it's hard, but  I guess Love always finds a way...

Well, I really doubt if that you can keep your parents from the secret, first is because you might hurt their feelings cause you have to ask them first or else, they'll think that they are of less importance, but that's just for me. Isn't it amazing that there are actually guys who can think of such a big surprise... really amazing. I wonder what the bride thinks or felt at the time she knew that it was her wedding day... might be heaven! For partners like Carmina and Zoren, 12 years is already enough for them to get to know each other and yet they still managed to pull up a big thing like this.

Just can't help sharing my thoughts on this.

Congratulations to both of you, you both deserve it, a pair made in heaven!


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  2. I really love this couple. I hope that someday I could meet a guy like Zoren Legaspi,who really show his love to Carmina Villaroel.

    Jazz | Carmina Villaroel wedding

    1. Hi Jazz,

      Thanks for dropping by, remember always that every princess has a prince that you will meet in time... =)


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