Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deals Online!

As a part of my household campaign in finding ways on how to save money for this coming Yuletide season (and for the rest of the days of the coming years) I have listed a few sites where you can avail of good deals online. Not only are you saving money, but you also get the latest offers from different sites where you can compare prices. Most of the people in the office are also getting the best deals online because of these sites, and not only are you saving your hard earned money, but you are also saving yourself the precious time of going elsewhere to buy the things that you want. By having said that, we all have to remember that what we want is way to different from what we need, so let us focus first on what the family needs before spending for the things that we can live without.

Here are the recommended Online sites where you can shop:

Just a reminder for everyone who uses these sites, I have only tried and tested the first four of the sites and I know that they are sites that can be trusted. Still, you will be transacting with different individuals so be very cautious and remember that scams are everywhere. If you will be using SULIT.COM, make sure to check out the feedback score of the individual and history before transacting. As a reminder given, you may remember that sending cash via payment centers can be deceiving as anyone can claim your cash payment, whereas if you transact with individuals who has their personal bank accounts, you have less risks of being scammed. Happy shopping!


  1. I always look for the best deals online, so I often check out those coupon sites. I actually have them bookedmarked on my browser. Kaso I have a really bad experience with Groupon ( My order hasn't arrived yet and it's been 3+ months na. It's crazy! They give me the same excuses. I even post on their Facebook page, but they delete the wall post, instead replaces them with generic replies to the poster. Awful company.

  2. Hi Mommy Roxi, that's why it is still of utmost importance to look at the feedback ng mga coupon sites, officemate ko din may ganyang experience with another site na nag close na yata ngayon... better ask for a refund of your item nalang if they are unable to fulfill it, instead of useless excuses. Anyways, thanks mommy for dropping by... =)

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