Monday, November 12, 2012

Liebster Award Nomination!

Today is a very special day cause for the very first time I found out that what I have been doing for quite a few number of months has been reaching some people who appreciates the contents of my blog... I was nominated for a Liebster Award by 2 Mommy Bloggers, you can check out their sites at: Happy Mommy Adventure and Mommy Ning llorin... Thanks Mommies, really appreciate the nomination.

So now, what is a Liebster Award?

The word Liebster originated from Germany which means: sweetheart, beloved, darling.

The Liebster Blog award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. The rule is when you are given this award, you will be given 11 questions about yourself to let your readers get to know more about you... and ion return you will link back the blogger who awarded you, post your award to your blog, and nominate five of YOUR favorite young blogs.

So here are the answers to the questions given to me from Happy Mommy Adventure:

1. What's your go-to/comfort food?
My comfort food is Sinigang sa Bayabas. Not too many people find this food tasty, they despise it actually, many say it's because of the aroma. Its like everyone's saying "ewww" every time my Granma cooks it! LOL! There are about 5-10 people in our entire family who eats this dish and it is always a pleasure eating it.

2. Any weird habits?
This is super funny! Ever wondered why kids do things at the corner of the pillows? Some tend to bite the sides and some makes "kutkot". Guess what, with the help of my super wonderful husband, I just passed that stage *blush*. I have been carrying this really small pillow that has torn corners because I can't help playing with it with my fingers! LOL

3. How do you balance your time between work/school and blogging/writing?
I usually blog after work, when the day is almost over or every after an event. I just make sure to update whenever I have time, making sure that I don't spend more time doing blogs than playing with the kiddos. =)

4. Your favorite place?
We have our own version of Sunken Garden just a few minutes away from our house. That is where we usually spend time whenever we're all together.

5. How do you de-stress?
My anti-stress therapy are my kids, my husband, my blog and sleeping... =D

6. What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?
That not everyone can be your friend and that you should know how to keep the real ones and let go of the acquaintances. To keep my expectations low to avoid frustrations.

7. What's the best advice you could or have given anyone?
To let go of something that is not meant to be...

8. Who's your favorite author and why?
Tom Clancy, just love the books that he wrote.

9. How has writing changed/improved your perspective in life?
I can say yes. Cause whenever you think of a topic to write about, you dont think of the negativism of life, so I tend to let go of the things that does not matter cause it helps to share only the good things in life so that I can contribute to spreading love than war... =)

10. One "New Year's Resolution" thing that you always list down but never get to commit to.
Never to be upset?!? LOL

11. What's your definition of "Passion". What is your passion?
Passion is a strong feeling of love for something or someone. Something for me is reading and some for me is my family...

And here are the 11 questions from Mommy Ning llorin:

Do you love traveling? Why? Why not?
yes I do love travelling especially with my family, it keeps us bonded together and I also believe that when a family spends precious time together, that is when they deposit precious memories to our memory bank... =)

What is one thing you can't live without? Why?
My Family. They are my lifeline, cant imagine life without them...

Do you have any regrets in life? What is it? Yes, I should've taken my dog to the vet earlier... ='(

What makes you happy?
I am a person who's really mababaw (shallow). Things that makes me happy are the simple things in life like Family, sunshine, rain, mellow songs, true friends, beer, and a good laugh...

What is your current obsession?
To buy a really big house for my family! =D

How do you make yourself pre-occupied?
Well, I love watching movies so whenever Im not busy, you will either find me crying over a movie or dying of laughter while palying with my 2 monkeys and hubby!

Do you have favorite tv series? Why? I did, long ago, Ally McBeal. I have this thing about romatic comedy series, i dunno, i just love 'em to bits.

What do you look forward to? More happy days with my kids and husband.

What makes you cry?
There is a wide array of things that will make me cry. Here are some of them:
A really mushy movie
Tragic loveaffair
My kids falling off and ends up getting hurt
A sad literary piece of work
Kids sleeping at the side of the road
and a lot more stuff...

What is your recent dream?
Sorry, I can't remember ='(

Are there any thoughts of changing your lifestyle now? why?
Yes, because of my recently episode of a mild heart attack, I am determined to promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging more on exercise and eating the right kind of food.

11 Things About me:
I am a mom of 2, one is 7 (almost 8) and one is 1.
I laugh a lot ( i mean really, a lot!)
I have my own motorcycle
I love to cook
I Love Veggie Tales
My favorite color is blue
I love reading ( almost everything that I get my hands on) and writing
I love to play with Kids
I love listening to music
I value Friendship
I love being a mom

Easy right?, so now I am claiming this award!

And now, my turn to share and nominate young blog sites... =) so here are my nominees!

Remember guys to answer my 11 questions, then state 11 things about you and tag your favorite blog site with less than 200 followers. Dont forget to let them know that you have tagged them!

Here are my 11 questions for all of you:

How do you handle stress?
What makes you feel happy?
What is your favorite food?
what was your most embarrassing moment?
If you are blind, how would you define Purple?
Have you ever believed in Santa Clause? Why?
How well do you manage your time?
What will make you give up on friendship?
What's the best gift that you have received?
Have you ever lost a dog? Why?
If given the chance to reincarnate and be someone else, who is your best pick? Why?

There you go guys! Enjoy! =)


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