Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Camp Almost Done...

Summer is almost over and so is the Summer Camp In Alabang town Center. This is by far one of the most unforgettable summer camps Kenn has signed up with, surpassing probably all of the summer activities that he has been a part of...

And here is the reason why... it's a GOLD medal baby! Happy and proud Mommy was I during that time! Although very tired from a very exhausting Malaysia trip, it was all worth it! =)

They were actually invited to participate in an inter-taekwondo school by Ampongan Taekwondo Academy, although novice to the sport (and also participated in the beginner's level), I did not hesitated to sign him up for the opportunity to interact with other students hoping that he will get more interested in the sport and might end up signing up in the regular class...

What he ended up with after this summer's camp is a well boosted ego and oozing self esteem! Way to go for me! =)

And I would like to share with you some of the events that took place during the Taekwondo Championships held last May 18th.

There were also some special moves showcased by the students.

Here was the actual competition that Kenn took part of...

I was the proudest Mom ever, may not matter to some people out there but for me, it is an accomplishment somehow to have given him the opportunity to appreciate himself. It took several kicks in the head and body and voila!

Hope you and your kids had an amazing summer as well, there is still time to celebrate the sun and the kids' vacation so head out and be a part of the world! Let them celebrate being kids! =)

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