Monday, August 19, 2013

Typhoon Maring Photos

Early this morning I received a call from my big brother Noel and he asked me and Jon to go to Mom's house, reason? overflowing water inside the house from excessive flooding brought about by tropical storm Maring. It took us about 2 hours to get to Mom's house from the usual 20 minute drive because of terrible water flooding the streets of Muntinlupa up to San Pedro in Laguna and we had to take the motorcycle because we don't want to get the car submerged into the river of water in the street.

Below are shots that I took using  my phone's camera...

We had to stop at a gas station because it was raining hard and the water is too high so I wanted to make sure that this will not damage the motorcycle.

Being a mechanic by heart, Jon turned the valves of the motor to the closed position and headed straight into the river of water. That's daddy Jon and me at the back taking pictures...

I wonder where the rest of the bridge is.... hmmm.

Didn't get the chance to take more pictures in Mom's house because my phone's battery died down and they have no electricity at the time when we got to her house. Luckily, the water has already subsided and it was easier for us to get the water out of the house. She lives approximately 500 meters from Laguna lake so flood has been a part of her life ever since...

I guess nature is already taking revenge from the unnecessary cutting of trees and such so we will have to learn to live with this kind of situation.

Take care everyone!

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