Sunday, July 7, 2013

WOW Mom! Donaire's Pregnant Wife Saves Kid!

Just heard over the news about how Nonito Donaire's pregnant wife saved a kid during the celebration of the 4th of July.

About an hour later after the incident happened, a post on Donaire's Twitter account revealed more details about the incident.

"During 4th of July, a friend's son disappeared underneath the water. Rachel didn't hesitate to jump in to save the child but injured herself in the process."

The 4-division world boxing champion admitted: "She moved so quickly it scared me."

Rachel was monitored in the hospital for over an hour. She felt a sharp pain when she woke up and was diagnosed with a strained ligament. The good news is – the doctors said the baby was not affected. But was still advised to stay at the hospital for a couple of days.

Warm Kudos to the Boxing Champion's wife... I'm sure you'll be a super mom in the future!

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