Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 100 House of Celebrities!

I was going through some articles in the net today when something caught my attention. It was Forbes top 100 celebrity houses and whoa, amazing as it is they should really be included in the list.
Topping the chart is Oprah Winfrey whose house appears below.

Oprah Winfrey
Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 1
Pictured Home: Promised Land, Montecito, Calif.
Sale Price: $50 million in 2001
Current Market Value: $88 million

Next house in line is Madonna's house


Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 5
Pictured Home: French country-Style Estate, Beverly Hills, Calif.
List Price: $22.5 million
Listed With: Sotheby's International Realty

Next house is my favorite, Taylor Swift's, talking about overlooking God's work of art!
Taylor Swift

Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 6
Pictured Home: Oceanfront Mansion, Watch Hill, R.I.
Sale Price: estimated $17 million in 2013

Coming in next is JLo's!

Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 12
Pictured Home: Hamptons Estate, Water Mill, N.Y.
Sales Price: $10 million

Rihanna's Abode below!


Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 13
Pictured Home: Modern Mansion, Pacific Palisades, Calif.
Sales Price: $12 million

And here is another personal Favorite! Lebron James'

Lebron James

Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 16
Pictured Home: Coconut Grove Mansion, Miami, Fla.
Sales Price: $9 million in 2010

Next is Ashton Kutcher's

Ashton Kutcher

Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 53
Home: Arrowhead Drive, Los Angeles, Calif.
Sales Price: $8.45 million in 2012

Coming in next is Jennifer Aniston's
Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 64
Pictured Home: Bel Air Estate, Los Angeles, Calif.
Purchase Price: $20.97 million

and last but not the list on my pick is Kristin Stewart's
Kristin Stewart

Celebrity 100 Rank: No. 70
Home: Laughlin Park Home, Los Angeles, Calif.
Sales Price: $2.2 million in 2012

I believe that everything no matter how big, always starts with a dream, who knows? maybe years from now we can also have a beautiful house that we can call our home. Just always remember that, no matter how small or big a person's house is, what matters most are the people living inside... The love, peace and happiness flowing inside the house... wont hurt though if we can all have our dream house! =)


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