Friday, January 18, 2013

My Thoughts On Bitterness...

What we say and what we do influences the people around us. Positive and negative energies are being radiated by our body and the aura that surrounds us will always reflect the type of person who we are. The reason why I am writing this article is because there was a great impact the past days when I came across a bitter person, whom we may say, we don’t want to be friends with. I do not know the individual personally but in my opinion, I can say that the bitterness roots from within. It could be because of a tragic childhood, heartbreaking family life or whatever, the point is, that person is trying to spread bitterness in this world. So I did some readings on this downside of life and here are the things that I learned.

How Bitterness affects you?

Pride is what causes people to be bitter! It's because of pride that people become bitter instead of yielding and becoming broken and soft through their trials.
Tough trials and tests can either melt you or harden you. When people refuse to change or adapt to changes or forsaking or breakings, they sometimes get mean and bitter about not having what they used to have.

One reason why bitterness should not be entertained is the fact that once it takes root, it can grow inside you and once it grows in you, it will eventually spread and cause damage to you and the people around you. This is the start of a very contagious (I would say) disease. Why? Because it blinds your sight, eats your esteem and contaminates your spirit, which ultimately will cause you to harbor hurt feelings against others who might have wronged or mistreated you, and if you allow it to continue, such roots of bitterness will eventually eat away at your very heart and spirit, until they will finally devour and destroy you spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Now you are turning into a monster before you even realize what's wrong with you. Such anger, resentment and murmuring in your heart will just grow and grow and begin to cover and affect everything around you. That's what bitterness does.

How Bitterness Affects Others

There are quite a few ways that this disease can spread because people who are really bitter about one thing, will simply become bitter about other things too. It's usually because they never put the blame to themselves for anything that seems to go wrong, but instead they're always blaming other people, just like the self-righteous hypocrite who never blames himself either.
People who are full of hatred, anger, aggrieved and critical are usually never satisfied unless they can influence others of their own judgment. Misery loves company, and they always want other people to agree with them; and sad to say, murmuring and complaining is a very widespread flaw of the human race and something that is very easy to fall into.

What to do when you are with a Bitter Person?

Just ignore them. They may keep complaining, but just let them do their forte. Don’t let them get into you, whatever they say, or else, they will plant a small seed of bitterness that you may plant into someone else’s life. Most importantly, pray and leave everything to Almighty God, He knows everything that is going on in our lives and will never let anything bad to happen without a reason.
Maybe I was wrong to have judged the person I came across with and instead of entertaining the anger that I felt with what that person did to me, I should’ve just inspired him/her that there are still good things in this world, happy things that we should be thankful for. Now I know what to do the next time someone does me wrong… atleast now I think I know.

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