Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Fun Sunday at Nuvali Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

Last Sunday, the family had the chance to bond and the 2 monkeys were overly happy running everywhere. I'd like to share with all of you some fun pictures taken last Sunday...

Enzo is now getting bigger and here he is enjoying a walk with Kuya Kenn with his new haircut...

Daddy Jon and the monkeys! LOL

As a bonus treat to everyone who visits Nuvali, you get to feed the Koi Fishes @ 15php you can buy the fish pellet in a nearby stall. Just make sure to buy ample for everyone cause they easily ran out of stock! =D

If you feed them, they will come... LOL!

There are a lot of activities that this place offers like boat riding in the stretch of this man made body of water... You can also find a nice place for a picnic with the family. There is also a nice venue for weddings and parties. They also offer bike rentals.

Sure was a fun Sunday! Looking forward to another one next week, until then... =D

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