Friday, November 23, 2012

Tagaytay City BULALO!!! It's More Fun In The Philippines!

It is truly more fun in the Philippines! Last night we went to one of the tourist spots here in the Philippines, we call it Tagaytay and here is where you can taste one of the most popular among the Filipino dishes, the Bulalo. It is a soup dish which consists of the bone-in beef shank and vegetables. The dish itself is easy to prepared but the difference lies on how you boil the bone marrow. While some say you need to boil the bone marrow in low fire and let it boil for half a day, some say otherwise. Well, what I can say is, however which way you cook Bulalo, it is still a big hit to everyone.

Below are classic examples of a traditional Bulalo...

If you get the chance to visit the Philippines in the future, might as well look for a place where you can have a taste of this special dish.

Last night's perfect place was at Sunspot Seafoods Restaurant in Tagaytay City, just a few meters away from Taal Vista Lodge.

So, how did we achieve gustatory satisfaction last night? Here are the dishes that we ordered:

Bulalo                           @   350.00/per serving 
Chicharong Bulaklak      @    95.00/order 
Tapsilog                        @    80.00/order
Crispy Pata                    @  450.00/order
Rice (of course)             @    20.00/order
Patang Goto                   @    85.00/order

Last night was a blast and I fell asleep and went to never never land as we headed home... LOL!

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