Monday, October 29, 2012

Farewell To a Dear Friend... ='(

When I was small I used to ask around... "where do dogs go when they die?" some say they have their own "Dog Heaven" and some would say that they do not go anywhere cause they do not have soul unlike us people... but you know what? I for one believes that they do have soul and they do have their own piece of heaven... in their master's hearts...

Today marks a new sadness as we lost Bambi, our Dalmatian... She was one of the best that I have ever had. Kenn loves her too which was why Kenn was speechless when she saw Bambi lying on the side,no longer breathing. He couldn't believe it and I guess up until he fell asleep he was thinking of Bambi. I should have known, she was blankly staring at me before we left... I held her and asked if she was okay, I should have known... I even left her a piece of her favorite meatloaf...

When pets die, they also leave us half dead because they are also a part of the family... as what my manager told me once, if you want your secret safe, talk to your dog. Funny but it's true. Dogs are man's bestfriend because for richer or poorer they'll be with you, every step of the way. They are always waiting for you to be home. They're just so special that you can't just ignore them because they are giving such unconditional love.

And today, I pay tribute to a very good dog, a member of our family... Bambi, you will always be remembered... I hope you are happy now in Dog heaven... cause I believe this place can be found inside our heart.

I will miss you dear friend, our family loves you dearly... You may now rest in peace... ='(

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