Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Family in Grief...

Our family is in yet another challenge and that is recovering from another loss of a family member... my Uncle Luvie Gamao. 

I would say that my uncle has lived life to the fullest that even Diabetes did not stop him from eating his favorite foods. He was a born comedian and even the most exhausting activity wont be able to drain his energy down which is why his passing away has greatly affected the family.

Now I am taking this opportunity to say "Thank You"... for so many things that he did for me and my family and also for the care and love nurtured over the years. I may not have made it in time to see you before you passed away, please take my love and prayers with you... 

Uncle Luvie Graduated at the Muntinlupa National Highschool Batch 1976. He was a professional Choreographer and Dancer who has later conquered the world of film making and had several opportunities to hold shows here and abroad. As quoted by one of his closest friend:

" he was instrumental in the success of MNHS Miss Untied Naitons contest from batch 1976 and 1979. He taught everyone (including me) to be professional dancers"
-Bhungge Remot

I would also like to thank the special people in his life who remembered to pay their last respect Badette and Allan Paule, Bhungge Remot, Weng Ramsey, Cielo Camino-Yabut, Ana Carmela Cortazar, Tristan John Corpuz, Vanessa Klinefelder, Kuhol and for those who were not mentioned here, and those who sent their messages to the family, my sincerest thank you... He may have left us here in this world, but in God's time, we will all be together again...
To my everdearest Uncle Beb, we love you and we will miss you! Goodbye Uncle...

Luvie Gamao Ombleo
January 29, 1953 - October 21, 2012


  1. Sad to hear. I am one of the members of the dance group tito Luvie handled before (1995-1996). My condolences.

  2. hey, thank you... Sana we can get to meet you, baka kilala ka ni Unty... God bless! =)

    1. Tita Ludy? Tama ba? My name is Walden.

    2. Hello Walden, yes siya nga si Unty Ludy. I will have her know that you dropped by... Take care! =)

    3. no problem...

  3. Do you happen to know Joshua Fortich or Lito Cugal?

    1. Yes. If you have their contact info please reach out to me...


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