Friday, August 15, 2014

Death Defeated, A Story of Survival and Moving On...

Welcome back to me… haven’t been blogging since the day we had an accident, yes me and my husband had a terrible accident which almost claimed both our lives. Happened the night of June the 20th… I remember everything that happened from the time of impact until the time we got to the hospital… something I wish I could forget but sadly it’s something that’s stuck in my head which went on playing over and over until today…

We had a motorcycle accident, a dog, out of nowhere came out and came running towards us and the rest is history. Sad to say, the dog died and we survived. Jon came out of the hospital seen with a broken clavicle and 4 completely broken ribs =(. God knows what I saw that night… just so sad… I was hysterical when I saw him lying down almost breathless. I came back from the far side of the road as I saw him lying still with his body and face facing down… I tried to wake him up but as soon as people saw me hugging him, they started to get me away from him thinking that I might do more damage than good. I was trying to wake him up, to remind him that we have kids who are waiting at the house, there was blood all over him and I was so scared that he might not have survived and all. Everyone was trying to calm me down, but I couldn’t not a single second, it was the scariest hours of my life. I kept wishing it was just a dream, but there was blood all over. I didn’t even know that I had a bleeding head because I was so scared for Jon… I wish I could forget that entire moment… Took a while before I was able to move on, I still cry at night at times and my kids usually hugs me every time I have bad dreams…

God is good, Jon is already almost fully recovered, his shoulders still hurts at times but I know he will be okay, cause I raised it up to Him… =) To everyone who rides a motorcycle, just a friendly reminder,  it’s always good to slow down, much, much easier to avoid things in the road and all… and mostly, please take care. We only have 1 life to live and it will be good to live it the longest… =)

This was what I have posted in my Facebook account  day 2 of the accident... =)


  1. Thank God you are both safe sis. It almost happened to us several times. While we were riding on our motorcycle a dog crossed the street but thank God by husband was quick to not hit the dog while he kept the balance of the motorcycle. Next is when we were on our car. A huge truck running towards almost lost his control when the truck went down the deep shoulder of the road. I so thankful the driver got hold of the wheel soon so the truck don't hit us. I couldn't imagine what terrible thing had happened that day. No matter how careful we are there are uncontrollable things we cannot stop from happening.


    1. Hi Sis Mayette, you are so correct in saying na no matter how careful we are, there are some things that we are unable to avoid. Good thing sis you were both safe... God is good... even with us, good thing we were alive, wound and scars will heal but if we lose our lives, then that is something that we can never get back... Take care sis and thank you for dropping by... =)


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