Saturday, June 14, 2014

"The Legal Wife" Finale

I am not much of a Telenovela fan as I am more likely to indulge myself in reading or watching my all time favorite movies but "The Legal Wife" teleserye got me hooked up day after day ( I mostly watch it in the net since I'm busy working during the night), episode per episode and I think ABS CBN did a great job with the concept of the story. Not only did it got me thinking of the worst things that can happen in a relationship but it made me wonder if those people who are into this kind of mess are thinking twice of backing out or did it get into their partners'... The story had a lot of twists and although it was the kind of twists that you would expect in a complicated situation such as Nicole's (Maja Salvador) and Monica's (Angel Locsin), it carried a lot of moral lesson as compared with some other teleseryes that I have heard of.

Although the finale of the story was a bit disappointing, I couldn't think of any other ending that would bring out the best of the lesson the story is trying to convey. It served its purpose, although appalled, I think it's okay.


From what I have observed, here are the lessons that a person might learn from the story:

·        Don't start something that you will not be able to get out of.
·        If there is temptation, try hard to resist, if unable to, just walk out and don't look back.
·        if you feel that you are falling out of love with your partner, seek help, especially for married people. There are people willing to help. Couples for Christ for example for Catholics.
·        Partnership is a lifetime "commitment" there will be times when we will feel exhausted with a feeling that you need a new "environment", remember that, environment is different from commitment, know what you need.
·        I get disappointed with my husband too, I always make sure to count the strengths and not focus on the weakness, coupled with prayer...
·        lastly, beauty will fade, what matters is that you laugh together, share problems together, do silly things together, be young at heart together, eventually as time passes by and you get wrinkles all over, the only thing that will matter are the laughter and the funny stories...
I give a thumbs up to everyone who made this story possible... It left a good message that will forever be a reminder of the danger of playing with fire... I hope and pray that me and my husband will be able to resists such, and if ever time sends out the test and if ever we won't make it, may the good Lord grant us the wisdom to decide on what is best for everyone and not just for ourselves...

Kudos to everyone!

Main cast
Angel Locsin as Monica Santiago-de Villa
Jericho Rosales as Adrian de Villa
Maja Salvador as Nicole Esquivel

JC de Vera as Max Gonzales

Directed by: Rory B. Qquintos


  1. Ganda ng share mo mommy kaya lang minsan we have to be considerate sa ibang tao, wala kasing divorce dito sa atin kaya maybe it is high time to review the policy kasi it sucks big time!

    1. Hello, yes, I think the Divorce issue still is a long shot from now... I don't really want to comment much about divorce as this is a very complicated issue and also because they call me "sinaunang tao" so I'm not really a fan of divorce, but that's me... Anyway, thank you for your honest opinion and thank you for dropping by... Cheers! =)

  2. Very well said thumbs up tp your blog! :)


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