Sunday, March 30, 2014

Start of Summer 2014: Lindenwoods Recidences Clubhouse

We were invited to a swimming party yesterday in celebration of another school year that has ended and as well as the commemoration of the achievements of all students of Baby Third Ken School.

The Venue: Lindenwoods Residences Clubhouse
This location is just 2 minutes away from Susana Heights exit and is a great venue for parties and other activities...

Time: 7am to 6pm

I would like to share with you the captured moments during the activity...

My Enzo...

Enzo, Kuya Kenn and Kendrae...

Below are the beautiful teachers of the school, from left: Teacher Liezel, Teacher Mhadz, Teacher Rose and Teacher Jaq... =)

Look who's excited to swim!!!

Been in the water for almost the whole time, good things he's not too burned like Kuya Kenn! =D

So, turns out Summer has officially started, don't forget your sunblock before going to the water... As per doctor's advise, sunblocks are best applied atleast 30 minutes before swimming in the water...

No Problem Too Big For My God!

Bring your worries up to the One who has the solution to every problem!

God is good all the time...
Happy Sunday to all!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Start Redeeming Your Globe Rewards!

Guys, please be reminded that your points for Globe Rewards can ONLY be redeemed until the 31st of March. Reward points earned from January to December 2013will be valid for redemption ONLY until 31st of March . 

Last year I was unaware that my points were about to expire so I didn’t get the chance to redeem so I am more keen this year LOL!

How to redeem:

Text in REDEEM <space> ITEM CODE and send to 4438. Php 1 per sending / transaction.

Text BAL to 4438 to inquire your reward points balance. Php 1 per sending / transaction.

You can share your reward points with your family and friends by texting SHARE <space> 10-digit mobile number <space> points to 4438. Php 1 per sending / transaction. You can share up to five (5) times in one day.

You need to maintain at least one peso Php 1 in order to continue sending to 4438

You may visit the Rewards Catalog by clicking HERE!

Thank you Globe, although you don’t have the best customer service, I am still a loyal subscriber, not bad when it comes to mobile services.

Earth Hour 2014 Welcome to Earth Hour Blue

It’s that time of the year again when we are united under one cause… protect our planet, the ONLY ONE that we have.

Welcome to Earth Hour Blue.
Use your power to make change a reality.

Join millions of people across the world who will switch lights off for an hour on 29 March at 8:30 pm  - to raise awareness for the planet.

Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet. Earth Hour was created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. It uses the simple action of one-hour synchronized lights off which convey a powerful message that we acknowledge and act to protect for the benefit of our planet. This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, San New York, Francisco, Manila, and other key cities around the world are united on the 2014 Earth Hour.

Let's support Earth Hour, for the only one home that we have... 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Carry with You These Gifts of the Heart

Happy Monday to all!  =)

TRUST... that whatever happens,  there is someone who will understand.

HONESTY... the feeling that you never need to hold back.

PEACE... in being accepted for who you really are.

BEAUTY... in outlook more than appearance.

FREEDOM... to be yourself, to change, and to grow.

JOY... in every day, in every memory, and in your hopes for the future.

LOVE... to last a lifetime, and perhaps beyond.

                                           - D. L. Riepl