Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To Fix Samsung Phone With No Sound when Ringing

I have been having an ongoing issue with my phone wherein it rings when someone calls but no sound is coming out from it. I have a Samsung unit and as I find answers in the net on how I can get my player and ringtones play, I came across with this site, referred by a friend. I can not guarantee that it will work on your Samsung unit but you may want to try and find out. It worked like magic with my phone. This is also a solution known to fix Windows Media Player (wmplayer) that won’t start/play any music.

Deleting the temporary Files:
Go to “My Device>>Application Data>>Volatile>>Delete all 999 files"

If you delete this folder (manually or with any clean manager app) the wmplayer will not start/run. The folder content can be deleted any time but NOT the Volatile folder itself. Donot be afraid to delete those data as they are only temporary datas...

Let us know how it turns out for you…

Best of Luck! =D

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