Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On Friendship

I was on a gloomy mood last night while trying to browse through Kenn’s friends on a social site. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I had my account deactivated for some reason, well, it actually eats up my time when I am online so it was deactivated for a good reason (lol). As I was browsing through his friends, I came across my super friend’s profile and out of nowhere I started to write a telenovela-like letter of thanks.

She has been with me through my ups and downs and I wondered when was the last time I said a big “Thank you” to her which was the reason why I found myself writing the letter last night. After sending the message, I got a very heartwarming message saying that she cried over my emote-mode letter. And then I found this really neat quotes on friendship…

I just couldn’t believe what the words are saying… LOL! All the words to describe a true friend are here. See if it fits your pool of friends…
Then again, to my bff, you know who you are, from the bottom of my heart... 

"Thank you"... I love you forever!!!
I'm glad to have found a gold in the sand... =)

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