Sunday, April 21, 2013

Candy Crush...

Everyone's been talking about some candies lately and I got really curious the past weeks about where the fuzz is coming from... Until I met Candy Crush the game. I got all excited to play it and man, it was fun! =D

The game is similar to other games such as Jewels Legend and the like, wherein you will match the same items, in  this game, you get to match the different candies. Here are some of the variants of candies that you will see in this game.

There are of course, as with any other games, power ups, Wherein if you combine power candies, you will end up exploding the candies from different corners/sides of the game field. Neat huh? =)

That is the sample of the game... It is really nice and enjoying until it lasted, now I'm not able to move a bit because it is not letting me connect to Facebook... =( Might as well say goodbye to this pretty neat game... =( it was fun while it lasted...

I have gone through some forums on the fix, but none worked. I guess it's goodbye now... =(

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