Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Proud To Be A Mommy Blogger!

Being a Mommy Blogger is not an option but a matter of choice, it I something that I want to do. We are the ones accountable for the things that we choose in life and whatever outcome one may have, at the end of the day, it is still all about our decisions in life and how we stand by them.

I am Loree, 37 years of age and a mother of 2 dotting kids and a devoted wife to Jon. I have been blogging for almost a year and I find it productive than doing something else during my spare time which I don’t have much. If you are among my friends, you will notice that you can rarely hear me say odd things about people because I find it rather annoying than amusing unlike others, plus the fact that it is a waste of time and energy. Why am I saying all these? Well because for once in my life I cried over a very immature statement about me from someone who does not know me other than from what they superficially see.

Someone actually commented about the way I dress and the way I look from head to toe... This person has been my constant critic ever since and her comments does not matter to me in any way, until today. I dunno how this day was different from the others but she did it, she got into me.

I admit that I am not a good dresser as compared to some girls; I don’t have much passion for clothes, that is. Having been a part of family with 3 brothers and no sisters, I didn’t even know how to put make up on until late 2007! Imagine that! Really funny but that’s how I am. I am a very good candidate for the show Fashbook and other shows that offer a super duper total make over, but hey, that’s changing who I am. I have been like this from the start and changing who I am will also change whoever that I am being used to. Even putting a lipstick takes so much effort for me, that is how simple I am. Now, having said all of that, I didn’t know that how I dress will matter to some people which I think is pretty stupid; nevertheless, it affected me, a lot this time.

As I have said, I am a Mommy blogger and not a fashion guru. I should have chosen to be fashion blogger instead of what I am right now if I intend to please other people. What I share in this site is mostly about family who are my utmost priority in life. If you still have some free time, you may want to browse through my old posts and you will see that I don’t have much pictures here as much as my kids does, that is because I started blogging to share with my readers how we are as a family and not to share something about fashion, clothing and the like.
Although I am pretty contented of who I am right now, I can’t help but wonder why there are people such as this person. Nonetheless I still talk to her. I still consider her as one of my peers and I will still extend a helping hand if she needed one.

Our choices define who we are and we must not be dictated to becoming someone else we are not even familiar with. Our happiness should not based on what others people say but on what will give us pleasure and satisfaction in life. And if the time comes that they will take blogging away, I will still be a MOMMY… It is something that no one can take away from me…


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