Saturday, January 12, 2013

If I live in a Perfect World, How Would It Be?

If I live in a Perfect World, How Would It Be?

This question actually popped into my mind as I was on my way to work… Travel time for me is usually over an hour so I had time to contemplate on the thought.
What would my world look like if it was perfect in my eyes?
Maybe, just maybe, if I am in my perfect world, then my knees would not hurt.
I will have fresh flowers in my dining table each day and petals of roses when I bathe.
I will still have same house except for some retouches and same things inside it that will remind me of my humble beginnings.
I will have singing birds outside my window each morning, and the lovely scent of flowers whenever I sneak a look out every morning.
I will have a garden full of beautiful flowers with different colors and I have my kids doing the gardening. We will have ample space in the garden where the kids can run and play with their pets and also a place where they can tender their own plant.
I still have Jon as my husband, no more no less… =) as well as my two lovely kids…
I will have a whole lot of sisters namely: Ibeth, Avy, Mae, Leah, Joy, baby and a lot more, and I still get to keep 1 brother as a bonus!
I still have sadness in my perfect world to keep me humane and tears to wash my eyes once in a while…
In my perfect world, I still have the same parents, together and happy, and same ancestral house where me and my sisters and brother can get together once every week to check on how things are and what’s new in our lives and we can take pictures of every moment we spend together.
Also in my perfect world, I would love to have my pets with me, Baxter and Bambi to teach my kids kindness, compassion and love for animals that I have grown up with.
I will still have the same Lola who took care of me and will have the opportunity to let my kids experience the same love and care that she gave me from the day I was born.
My perfect world is not problem free because if it is, then we will never be reminded of how precious every decision is, only, it is not something that is too big for us to handle.
These were the things that crossed my mind as I built my perfect world. Maybe not so perfect for others but please note that if we live in a world that is so perfect, then, just maybe then, we will never realize that complications in life actually makes us more human, more decisive and stronger. These things make us more capable of handling things beyond our control and more compassionate towards others. Without problems in our lives, then we will never get here or anywhere we want to be.
Thank you for peeking into my perfect world, can you share yours?
Hope to hear from all of you, thanks for dropping by… =)

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