Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pacquiao - Marquez 4 Fight

Last Sunday's boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez  was indeed a defining moment to seal all speculations that Marquez was unable to beat Pacquiao. Although we were saddened by what happened to Pacquiao, we still consider it as one of his best fights. Manny is known for his powerful punches that he was able to showcase during the game, but, as what his mother said: " Manny is not made of steel, he is a human and he is my son. I took care of him and raised him to be a good person". This statement actually got me thinking. She was right, Manny is not a fighting machine. We were all saddened by the turnaround of the fight but hey, it's a game and everyone's bound to lose at times.

The fight ended up at round six after Manny received a blow near the jaw that shocked the world as he fell down for a knockout. Pacquiao went faced down and was motionless for a while, before eventually sitting up. Judges called a technical knockout and Marquez was eventually declared the winner. Marquez has also said that he believed he needed to score a knockout to put all speculations to rest.

Funny but if we try going back to their previous fights, photographers were able to catch a few techniques exhibited by Marquez (just reminiscing the old golden times). Here are some of the pictures from their previous fights...

Those pictures were actually the reason why they came up with a new shoe concept (which I dont think was ever considered by Nike) LOL!

Presenting the Pacquiao special edition Nike brand Boxing shoe!

Just for fun guys... LOL! =D

Congratulations to Juan Manuel Marquez!


  1. We can clearly see that Pacquiao did his best during this fight. It's just that, Marquez got a good timing to throw a solid punch. It was unexpected! Anyway, the shoe made me laugh so hard. LOL!


    1. Hi Shiela, the shoe got me off my chair too... LOL! It was a good fight for Pacquiao and we still love him no matter what =D Thanks for dropping by sis!

  2. I didn't expect that shoes! LOL!
    Even though Pacquiao lost against Marquez, he is still our hero because of the honor that he is always giving to our country. So we must support him in good and bad times.

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    1. You are so correct Apple! Thanks for dropping by... =)


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