Saturday, September 29, 2012

Now and Then... Mar Bryan!

Hi Everyone! Here are moments from way back from my friend Bryan.

Mar Bryan is a good friend of mine and we are currently working for the same company. Many of us in the office hardly knew him when he was a kid so I am very honored for this rare opportunity to have him say yes to post his baby pictures...

Thanks Bryan!

Mar Bryan at 1 and a half years old!!! =)

Here is Bryan at 2 Years old! =)

Here is Bryan at 3 years of age! =)

@ 5 years of age!

Bryan with Mom... =)

Our past will always be the best part of our lives, it will always be our foundation of who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. Let us thank our parents for all the hard work, love and support that they have given us all through our lives. In time, we will all come to realize that what matters most is our family, then, now and forever! =)

By the way!

This is what he looks like today!!!

Bryan is also a blogger like me and if you guys have time, you may check out his posts at
he is a photography enthusiast, a band singer, comediane at times and a very good friend all the time...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kenn's Firsts

As my first feature for this portion, I would love for you to get to know more about Enzo... but I thought, why not, as my first featured kid, put Kenn instead. So here is a glimpse of how he was when he was small... kindda miss those days... he hardly kisses me at times... =(

Kenn's cutest Moments!
This was Kenn at 6 months...

Also at 6 months and this time he was with his favorite cousin Jhayzelle, daughter of my brother Jun.

Kenn at 8 months


@ 12 months

@ 1 year 2 months...


@ 2 years old, also the same time when he started schooling... Daddy usually takes him to school riding his favorite motorcycle, Achilles

During his First School Christmas Party, taken 2007


This was his First Graduation Picture! I was a proud mom as I always am, being a first time mom, I had to be there, in everything... during the happy times, play times, sick times (we did have a whole lot of doctors and hospital trips back then). I just knew that I have to witness all his firsts, and it was indeed very rewarding.


Another special bonding time with his one and only Ate Jhayzelle... I know he misses this sweet, sweet girl so much. We don't get to see a lot of Ate Jam jam since we transferred to our own home...

Fun time at school... I can still remember when he was being tagged as the smallest kid back then, but hey, he was only two!


See how small he was when he started schooling...


This picture below was taken during his First school activity...



During his First Field Trip... Taken October 2007

It truly is fun to get to witness all of our kid's Firsts because those times are never coming back and we can never ask for a repeat. Being a mother entails one person to spread herself among her family, bits and pieces of a mother walks with her kid wherever he/she goes. And more than ever, I am so thankful that I became a mother, a career that is unlike any other with a very good pay... earning the love , trust and respect of your family... =)

Oh, by the way, this is what he looks like today... well the picture below was taken last year... =)


Friday, September 21, 2012

kid's Corner!

I have been meaning to add another page that most Moms will appreciate so I came up with this page that will showcase how special our kids are.

This page will focus more on the developments of babies as well as the talents of kids.

I am inviting all moms, dads, brothers and sisters to submit pictures and milestones of your babies so that we can feature them here...

Happy reading to all!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Robot Zoo

I had the chance to visit the Robot Zoo at SM Mall of Asia last week and I would like to share some of the pictures that were taken there. It was a nice exprience as most of the kids enjoyed the place. There were trivias about different animals all over the place. This is located at the 2nd floor Science Discovery Center Exhibit hall and will be here for a limited time only.

The Robot Zoo features life sized animal robots and showcases the mechanism on how they move.

it has the basic functions as the real chameleon, only exhibited in robot style.

Check out this giraffe and those two lovely eyes...

Aren't those eyes adorable?

Below are some of the trivias that you will see all around the place.

And how long exactly is 18 inches?

From your bent elbow to the tips of your fingers, that's 15-18 inches! ;-)

And who would say that my kid sis not enjoy? See for yourself... =)

here's a potential action star in the making! LOL

Monday, September 17, 2012

Enzo's 1st Birthday!

At last! Enzo's birthday is finally done! And here is my little monkey!

The littlle monkey is looking so happy with everyone calling his name... I guess he doesn't mind being with a lot of people unlike some kids. good thing, cause if not, he must be crying the whole time during the event...

can't believe that he is a monkey... we initially planned on getting a lion costume, which apparently is more expensive as compared with this one...

He started to take strides at 10 months... and now he can walk without support. Disadvantage is that he doesn't want us carrying him anymore and he also leans down to pick up anything that he sees his way...

Before the event
I was actually in the state of panic last Sunday when I woke up at 6am to the sound of the pouring rain... I was praying hard for the rain to stop cause I was too afraid that no one will be able to make it if the weather goes from worse to worst. Fortunately, the rain subsided at around 10 in the morning. 

I was able to follow the itinerary of activities that I have prepared for the day. We went to the Church at 8am to hear mass, then we went straight to a local Supermarket for some small errands.

We had a very beautiful party last Sunday. Though there were teensy weensy bits of problem, it was nothing that we were not able to handle with flying colors... Party was held in Shakey's Muntinlupa and I would highly recommend you guys to come and check out the branch if you are thinking of celebrating it the Shakey's way, like we did...

Truly a great place...=D

First stop, I would like to commend the very wonderful staff of Shakey's Muntinlupa headed by the Restaurant Manager June Joco who has helped in every way he can to make the party a success. We did not get an external supplier for most part of the party and all of the decorations that we had were DIY, labor of love from Daddy Jon.

You can check out the party details at:

Guys I would like to commend all the staff for the exceptional service that they have provided, indeed I am one satisfied client.

Irene Tubasco was our party host, and she did an amazing job during the party. Needless to say that she was the reason behind the high energy we all had during the party. There were no dull moments during the party and she kept everyone on their feet with the games the she spearheaded. 

That's her in the picture...

We started off with a prayer...

Everyone actually worked hand in hand for the success of the event and I am truly grateful...

Kudos to all the staff including Milcah Pineda, Kisses Santos (she was the person who has helped us resolve the problem with the schedule, very accomodating!), Yuan Trejano, Kim Choel, Minerva Haboc.

Meet Miss Irene...

And the Restaurant Manager Sir June Joco also helped out with the serving... =)

Everyone was pretty satisfied with the food and there was plenty for everyone... One thing though, me and hubby forgot to eat... LOL!

They also allowed us to setup a Chocolate Fountain courtesy of Ciocolat ChicFor more information on packages please contact Rachelle at 0927-447-0877. You may book them 1 month in advance to make sure that they can get you scheduled. They can work out with you on your theme, you just need to provide them the information. Plus factor is that the owner is easy to deal with and is very accommodating.


Here is Enzo's birthday cake and cuppies courtesy of Michelle's Sweets and Pastries. For more information on the packages, please access their site on the link that I have provided. Or you may also contact Michelle at
 0917 564 2443.

Of course not to forget, I would like to acknowledge the time and effort that my husband Jon invested on this event, here are his masterpieces... Surely, a person like him comes in handy in these times... So proud of my hubby! =D Love you Dad! I bet, years from now, Enzo will be as proud as I am...

Lastly, for all those who celebrated with us... Thank you. You've made the event extra special...

Then this is me and my husband with the lil monkey...

Our little tiger Marteena with her dad, daughter of a good friend...

Are they talking? Lolz...

Below is Hubby and brother Erwin beside the improvised tree that my hubby created for this event... =D

 Below is my big bro Noel with the 'lil monkey! =D

Me and my good friend Mae with baby Marteena whom I will be featuring in the Kid's Corner real soon! =)

I gave an unexpected cash price for those who have exerted an effort to come in animal costumes! =D

Our family... =)

This is Jhayzelle, Kenn's Cousin, daughter of my brother =)

We surely brought the house down...

And the gifts that Shakey's gave the celebrant!

The Giant pizza 

A combination of four different delicious flavor. Managers choice, Shakey's special, Hawaiian delight and pepperoni. A first ever from shakeys. Please order at least 3-4 days advance for this item.. 
Size: 32 Inches round. Good for 30-40 Persons. 

Pizza Cards

Also, I got 2 Pizza cards for free! Thanks Sir June Joco! Kudos to you and your staff!

Plus this young Artist playset... Thanks Shakeys!

Thank you very much to everyone who have helped us make this event possible.

For Party inquiries for those residing in Muntinlupa, Alabang and San Pedro, you may contact Irene at 0923-303-7807 or you may drop by the branch for details.

You may also visit the site for more information: