Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beautiful Places to visit in the Philippines

I have not really visited much of the beautiful places here in the Philippines but among those that I have, the one on top of my list is Pundaquit Island (aka Capones Island)… The first time I visited the place was way back 2009. Here is a snapshot of the beautiful island and its white sand…

It was a breathtaking experience to see such a virgin island at that time, not most of the metro people knew about it then… Although the advantage of them knowing it is that now you will be able to book rooms and hotels before heading straight to the place which is roughly about 5-6 hours away from the busy streets of Manila.

Another place out of the skirts of the metro, just a few hours away from the city is Anilao in Batangas City. From the said city, you can take a boat going to a not so busy part of the place.
Here are some of my captured moments…

And since summer is just around the corner, we are now scouting for new places to visit. I used to be a homebody when I was still single but since I got married and had kids, I started to enjoy exploring places far and near with of course the kids and Daddy Jon and right now, I am already looking for cheap escapades and checking out sites that offers smart save on trips and vacations that will not hurt the pocket but still get the best of nature…

Among the places that are on my list and would hopefully want to visit in the near future includes:

El Nido, Palawan

Coron, Palawan

Camarines Sur

It is definitely More Fun in the Philippines!

Among the sites that I can recommend in checking out the best packages are as follows:

Spending quality time with the family is priceless and at the same time should not also be expensive. We can get the best of both worlds with a little bit of searching for the best prices and packages around the corner.

Happy planning for your summer!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cameron Kyla's 1st Birthday at Pixie Forest, Festival Mall

Me and the kids were supposed to attend a 1st birthday celebration of a friend's daughter, however, we were not able to because of my aching back (which has been an ongoing issue with me and my back for quite a few months now). Nevertheless, the party was a blast and I would like to share with you guys some of the pictures from CK's 1st birthday celebration at Pixie Forest Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Here are some of the highlights

The Celebrant in her dazzling fairy costume!

At the registration where visitors can claim their tags for the free rides at Pixie Forest Amusement Center.

What are the inclusions in the amenities?

Unlimited rides for the day
Loot Bags
Give Aways
Tokens (lots of tokens! LOL)
Party Host
Table Setup

You will find all the details of the package below.

and here is the beautiful sister of the birthday celebrant, stunning in her blue dress!

 Pixie Forest Party Package for 20, 30 and 50 kids available:

Wkday Wkend
Package A - 20 kids P 8,000 P 9,000
Package B - 30 kids P 10,500 P 11,500
Package C - 50 kids P 14,000 P 15,000

Inclusive of the following:

Invitation Cards
Welcome Streamer
Ride-All-You-Can Tags
Game Tokens
Party Host
Name Tags
Party Attendants
Loot Bags
Gift for the Celebrant
Party Hats
Pixie Forest Birthday Cake
Mascot Appearance
Parlor Game

Party Perks From Pixie Forest:

Items given by Pixie Forest to CK includes
A Bike
Picture Sketch Portrait

...pretty neat huh!  
Exclusive of Food (Food Packs available at additional cost)
Additional Party Favors:Toy Pabunot
Photo & Video Coverage
Sign Frame

For more information on other rates and services, please contact Pixie Forest using the link provided.

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