Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cameron Kyla's 1st Birthday at Pixie Forest, Festival Mall

Me and the kids were supposed to attend a 1st birthday celebration of a friend's daughter, however, we were not able to because of my aching back (which has been an ongoing issue with me and my back for quite a few months now). Nevertheless, the party was a blast and I would like to share with you guys some of the pictures from CK's 1st birthday celebration at Pixie Forest Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Here are some of the highlights

The Celebrant in her dazzling fairy costume!

At the registration where visitors can claim their tags for the free rides at Pixie Forest Amusement Center.

What are the inclusions in the amenities?

Unlimited rides for the day
Loot Bags
Give Aways
Tokens (lots of tokens! LOL)
Party Host
Table Setup

You will find all the details of the package below.

and here is the beautiful sister of the birthday celebrant, stunning in her blue dress!

 Pixie Forest Party Package for 20, 30 and 50 kids available:

Wkday Wkend
Package A - 20 kids P 8,000 P 9,000
Package B - 30 kids P 10,500 P 11,500
Package C - 50 kids P 14,000 P 15,000

Inclusive of the following:

Invitation Cards
Welcome Streamer
Ride-All-You-Can Tags
Game Tokens
Party Host
Name Tags
Party Attendants
Loot Bags
Gift for the Celebrant
Party Hats
Pixie Forest Birthday Cake
Mascot Appearance
Parlor Game

Party Perks From Pixie Forest:

Items given by Pixie Forest to CK includes
A Bike
Picture Sketch Portrait

...pretty neat huh!  
Exclusive of Food (Food Packs available at additional cost)
Additional Party Favors:Toy Pabunot
Photo & Video Coverage
Sign Frame

For more information on other rates and services, please contact Pixie Forest using the link provided.

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  1. Hi. I'm planning my child's 1st birthday party at Pixie forest too. Can you give me some info about engaging a party there? How long was the party? Is the time limited? How did you manage the food? Do they have their own catering services there? Are the services and amenities great? Can you give me a rough estimate of the party cost? How early should I reserve for the place? Please do respond to my queries. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mommy! Thanks for dropping by. According to the parents of the celebrant it was an all-in 30k expense for this party. They had an in-store catering services and the venue charges already includes the table setup, a cake and all needed supplies including balloon setup. However, they did add some of the parties give aways and prices so that there will be plenty for all! Don't forget to make sure that you have everything in black and white when closing the deal. Happy planning! =)

  2. hi! I will be having my daughter's birthday at pixie forest too.. i just want to ask if the table set up is only for the 50 kids or there's also a set up for the parents? thank you!

  3. Hi! Can they customize their package for a mickey mouse theme?


    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by, yes they do set ups for a Mickey Mouse themed party as well. =)

    2. Hi! May I ask which caterer did they get? Im planning to have my daughter's first birthday at pixie forest too!

    3. They picked Jikabo Catering Services and everything will depend on the package that you will get, bonuses that they got from the provider are the 3 wheel bike and the sketched picture (that you will see beside the cake) =), hope this helps! =)
      Goodluck on your party!

  4. Thanks very much...we went there last Sunday and Jikabo and AVO are two of the caterers that are affiliated with pixie was the food from Jikabo? I saw their menus and they are almost the same sans the freebies they give but I noticed that Jikabo always has one more viand in every package than AVO though AVO has a lot of freebies to offer.

    1. they said they especially liked the beef dish in the menu ( sorry forgot the name of the dish)... but they said they got good feedbacks regarding the food from Jikabo... =)

  5. Goodday,
    i was planning to have a 7th bday celebration of may child on July 20,2014.. and i want to be a princess modif w/ little debut. can please u give an idea of how much is the expenses. please contact me 09398958747/09266635132/ landine + 7362158. thank you

    1. Hi Mommy Ching! You may want to check by calling 850-3568 to 70 to make sure that the venue is still available, also they will be able to assist you better if you get in touch with them regarding the information of their packages. If you are outside Metro Manila, you can visit their site: Happy planning! =)

  6. Hello mommy, glad I came across your blog. Was wondering lang, do you have an idea if they can do a Frozen-themed party?


    1. I gave them a call and yes they said their caterer will be able to set up a Frozen themed party, from the baloons to the tables, backdrop and party favors. You can give them a call for more information at 850-3568 to 70... Happy planning Mommy! =)

  7. I am so much interested with that place. It looks so fit for a children's party. Attractive and spacious enough for a large number of children. I think I need to see this place personally for my satisfaction before I decide this to be the venue of my 8 years old son's birthday next month.

  8. Hi! Would you know if it's ok to change the food provider. I've already reserved and paid the reservation Fee but I'd like to switch to the other supplier. The party is in 2 weeks. i've already talked to my current provider, and he mentioned that the RF will be forfeited. That's fine with me. The only problem is the blank contract that I signed. I've also signified my intention to Pixie forest, but haven't got definite word from them. tnx!

  9. Thanks for sharing this great and interesting birthday party ideas. Keep me more updates.

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  10. A very nice birthday blast for the kid. Thank you for sharing some information that I want to know about the place. :)

    Zonia Hizon
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  11. Hi There, I was interested with your offers, I am planing to set a birthday party of my two kids,but may I know if tables and foods for the parents are separate. If yes, then how much is the cost if I get the package B or C. How long is the party. thanks;)

  12. what should be the estimate cost if I try to get the package B or C , If Im not mistaken the packaged is good for the kids only, how about for the parents. What should be your price offer. Also we have our own photo booth, would you allow us to use our booth to the party, If yes kindly tell us if you have any charges .


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