Friday, January 17, 2014

Feng Shui Tips 2

It was good that I was asked to report today at work at 12pm as I got to watch Kris RealiTV. Their episode was about Feng Shui and what to prepare for the Chinese New Year.

As what they have mentioned, you need to have flowing water, as water is the main element that brings wealth to our home. Water should be clear, moving and free flowing which is why they say that a fish tank is a way to stimulate wealth in certain area of the house, we just have make sure that the fish inside is healthy and strong and of course the water inside the tank should always be clean. Also to add, a fountain can be a way to keep our abundance flowing. If fountains are not available, we can also use paintings of water scenes, calm, blue and we must avoid stagnant water in vases nor display photos or painting of storms or violent waters.

How to steer clear of robbers in the house

They have also discussed on how to avoid robbers inside the house. The secret to this is by putting a blue crystal-like figurine of a Rhinosaurus and Elephant in the entrance of the door and in the middle is a crystal (any color even the transparent ones.)

Below is the exact sample in the show Kris TV 

I was not able to list some of those tips that were given in the show but I will do some research so that I can provide all the information for us all…

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